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Hey everybody,

It's me, Sky, good to see you all! =)

As you might have noticed, I decided to re-activate my Dreamwidth account (which I was too lazy to keep updated in the past tbh) in order to create a place that back-ups my livejournal entries.

At least, that's the plan for now - post on lj and Dreamwidth (calling it dw now for easier reference) to have some kind of back-up. Lj's future - at least for some people (including people like me who write... well... sometimes a bit delicate fanfictions and share them with the world), is uncertain. It might become a little different/difficult here, so just to be on the safe side, I decided to follow other peoples' example and spread my stuff to dw too. I don't want to paint everything black, but in case some posts of mine will get deleted on lj in the future (or worse), I may probably not bother with re-uploading things here and it will be good then to have a back-up.

I am not sure if I might slowly but surely move to dw completely, it will depend on what's happening to lj. (I might start cross-posting/backing up my fanfics more to my AO3 account though or start posting on wattpad... I'm so lazy there, really >.<"). I don't plan to vanish from lj from one day to the other, because frankly, I love lj. It's easy to use even for a tech-noob like me who has no clue about proper homepage coding or anything (yeah I know dw is basically almost the same, but still, it's different to me, OK? XD I realize the details lol), and I love the people here. But that's another reason that brought me to dw. More and more people from lj move there and so, at least to stay in contact with those lovely people, I want to create a presence there too.

In case you are befriended here with me on lj and you go/went to dw too, please feel free to befriend – no wait, there it's called "subscribe" and "get access granted" to my dw journal - too. For now, I probably won't have any exclusive entries there while I will continue posting here on lj and spam you with cross-postings things on dw (or import, like I did with my old entries... still have to figure out if I have to do it each and every time or how this works >.<") but I hope it won't bother you too much. Anyway, if you're going to dw (and in case it is not obvious from your dw-name who you are here), I would highly appreciate if you could leave me a message, telling, so that it's easier for me to connect the dots. I will then of course grant you access to my friend-locked journal entries on dw too. ^^ And if you have some good tips for me or can recommend some communities there that I should join, PLEASE TELL ME! (I feel so lost there ToT...)

I am not really used yet to dw and I apologize for any mistake, a still crappy layout and everything there, since I couldn't figure things out yet and didn't have the time to properly study about how to use that site. I'll give my best. Or I'll try. Even yes, it's similar to lj, as I said, it's still different and as a person of habit, I might take a bit to get used to that new site. (And that might take a while. Hopefully not a too long while.)

Anyway, I hope to stay in contact with a lot of people from here, either on lj or over there on dw and of course, I'm happy to make new friends there too! If we share some interests, please don't be shy and feel free to send me a message! =)


PS: For easier reference, I'm going to list my - more or less active - journals/social media accounts here, but be warned, not all of them are active all the time and I am a HORRIBLE social media person, when it starts to overwhelm me. But please feel free to follow/subscribe if you want ^^

Livejournal (mostly fanfictions but sometimes also song-covers or RL-related postings etc.)
Dreamwidth (supposed to be/become pretty much the same for the time being)
AO3 (not really up-to-date fanfiction archive of my stories)
Twitter (which I barely use)
Tumblr (which I use a bit more)

See ya!

*cross-posting this to dw because yeah*
02 January 2020 @ 01:24 am

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17 June 2017 @ 03:48 pm
Hey everybody,

Sorry for keeping so quiet recently, life is quite busy (and yes, I also was writing ^^). However, of course, I can't miss to post something on my ichiban's birthday, right? ^.~

[personal profile] kittykaty had the brilliant idea that we could sing a song together for our dear Nino, like we always do as a tradition for our Arashi members (except Aiba last year, sorry Aiba-chan >.<" We didn't make it =( and the song we chose is a bit tricky, I was getting frustrated with the harmonies -.-" But someday we'll manage!) and even if we didn't have too much time, we did our best to record this. We decided on "Breathless" btw, since it is basically the only "Nino-song" left we can sing properly >.>" (GUTS is OK too but recently, I'm not into that song so maybe next time, and all the other songs have too deep lines for our voices T^T...). BTW, I TOTALLY want to re-watch Platina Data now!>.<

Also, I noticed that I did not upload yet our cover of "Power of the Paradise" which we made for Sho's birthday in January, as well as "Ai no Collection" which we recorded in February (since then... nothing, sadly. I just didn't have enough time).

I'm still not used to posting on dw and I'm sorry if I mess something up now with the links and such... anyway, here we go with our fancovers! (The usual warnings like terrible mixing and recording as well as hoarse voices due to colds all over the seasons, apply. It's all my fault though lol)

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We hope, you enjoy our covers and appreciate your feedback.

Happy Nino-day, everybody! ^^/


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01 May 2017 @ 05:58 pm
Still working on my To-Do-List and now it's finally time for this! :D

I got tagged by [personal profile] kittykaty, [personal profile] yukitsubute and [personal profile] learashi, thank you very much, girls! ^^ Please let me tag some people too. Of course, I'm tagging you girls up there back! And I'm also tagging [personal profile] wendyjoly, [personal profile] rainbow_teatime, [personal profile] coolohoh, [personal profile] lilly0, [personal profile] akhikaru and everyone who wants to join the fun! =)

Rules and wishlist under the cut!

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OK, somehow I actually managed to get 10 prompts together! Some were old, some where new... and – as expected – I feel very tempted to write some of them by myself lol... which I will probably do one day! XD Until then, I'm curious to see if some of you want to give those ideas a shot too. ^^

Oh, and before I forget about it – I want to say big THANK YOU to everyone who nominated and voted for my fics at the Arafanficawards 2016! Today I found out that I won in two categories, surprisingly, since I didn't expect people liking my first ever Aimiya so much, nor do I think that I deserved best Sakumiya, but I am of course very happy and grateful for all of your support! It makes me so happy to know that my stories reached someone, really! Thank you to my dear readers and of course congratulations to all the other winners! :D <3


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First post for today as I finally have a bit time to do things from my to-do-list! ^^

These are 18 questions about Arashi (I think this was originally thought for their 18th anniversary but I saw people posting it just as random questionnaire too). Saw this around and felt very tempted to answer these questions too... just to find out that I forgot why I usually do have a love-hate-relationship with such questions... well, you'll see what I mean if you keep on reading. Just be warned – it's a lot of rambling! ^^"

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OK, now this took really a lot longer than I expected, I ranted a lot and I fangirled a lot. If you managed to read this through the end, thank you very much for your attention! XD

I don't know if this is up for tagging but if you did not answer these questions yourself yet and feel tempted, please feel free to do so and make sure to let me know so that I can go read your answers too! ^^

And if you are some of the rare people on my friend list who are not into Arashi – why not try answering the same questions with your favourite group in mind? =) I'd be interested to read that too! ^o^

Thanks for dropping by at my journal! Second post for today will be up soon too!


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After I finished cleaning, yes, I should be writing my fic right now before my friend arrives but... I can't focus. Again. So what am I doing instead? No, I'm not finally writing my wishlist meme although people tagged me (SORRY! Coming soon and thanks for tagging me, really! Still have to think about some prompts though...) and no, I'm also not taking care of SoS' proper move although I should... Well, that's the definition of procrastination, isn't it? I know, I'm horrible but it's Saturday and it was a horrible week so I think I deserve some time to procrastinate, right?

Anyway, enough rambling. I read this trivia questionaire on indigo_lover's page and found it quite interesting so I thought... oh well, why not answer that? ^^ So here we go.

1. Who are you named after?
I never asked my parents so I don't know. I do know that with my middle name I'm named after my godmother (who also happens to be my aunt btw), like it's tradition. Not that we're that much of traditional people but yeah.

2. Last time you cried?
When I reached my apartment after returning home from a trip to my parents.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
Yes, I do.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?

5. Favorite cheese?
Gouda and Peccorino.

6. Longest relationship?
Human relationship - with my parents. Love relationship - 3 years and 3 months.

7. Do you still have your tonsils?
Yes, I refused to let the doctors take them.

8. Would you bungee jump?

9. What is your favorite kind of cereal?

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

11. Do you think you're strong?
In some sorts?

12. What is your favorite ice cream?
Stracciatella as well as most fruit's flavours.

13. What is the first thing you notice about a person?
Their aura.

14. Football or Baseball?
Not too familiar but if I have to choose, baseball.

15. What color pants are you wearing?
Navi Blue.

16. Last thing you ate?
A couple of senbei.

17. What are you listening to?
My inner jukebox mixed with the unhealthy noises my slowly but surely dying computer is making.

19. Favorite Smell?
Freshly cut grass, summer rain, elder.

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
One of my bosses during an unevitable phone call at work.

21. Hair color?

22. Eye color?

23. Favorite food?

24. Scary movies or happy endings?
Depending on my mood.

25. Last Movie you watched?
Genocidal Organ.

26. What color shirt are you wearing?

27. Favorite holiday?
Every holiday, because it means I don't have to go to work.

28. Who's your hero?
My dad?

29. Night owl or morning person?
Unfortunately both which yes, basically makes me an insomniac zombie for 80% of the day.

Alright. After sharing this little trivia with you, I should better go back to my document and try to get some writing done. Of course, I'd be curious to read your answers too! Hm... and I think I saw an Arashi-themed questionaire around, maybe I should answer that one too lol.

Have a nice day, and read you soon,


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Title: Colorful World
Fandom: Arashi (others mentioned)
Pairing(s): Sakumiya (light but main), Aimiya (bff), Ohmiya (one-sided), Sakumoto (friendship), general OT5-ness
Type: Series
Genre: University-AU, coming of age, slice of life, humor, romance
Rating/Warnings: G - PG-13 for now, higher rating later on possible but not decided yet

Summary: When Jun moves out of their flat share to travel the world, Sho searches for a new roommate. Out of a bad bunch of candidates, Nino seems to be the best fitting for this. What Sho doesn't know yet is, that his new roommate does not only bring his friends Ohno and Aiba from university on daily basis into the apartment but also a huge chaos right into Sho's life – in more than one way.

Disclaimer: I don't own Arashi but as you can imagine I would love to XD.

Author’s note: Loosly inspired by other slice of life stories like Honey & Clover, similar settings and situations possible even if not intended. Thanks or betaing [profile] airifan.

Previous episodes

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More author notes: Hey everybody! Here is the announced "surprise" lol... yeah I guess, considering how seldom I update this fic, it really is a surprise, isn't it? But yes, this series is still alive, even if it takes me ages to update it. Sorry for that! (And sorry for the horrible chapter title. Tbh, I forgot to give it a title and realised it only when I posted it and couldn't come up with anything better lol.) This chapter is especially for orejinsei (please see it as a (very) late small birthday gift <3) and everyone who has been waiting for it. I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for reading! ^^/

Some other notes:
I am still trying to get used to dw... so I hope posting worked without any problems or I will have to edit this post multiple times (like how the hell can I format the banner to a larger pic?! You know... I am a really patient person, but not when it comes to myself >.<"), hopefully without messing things up even more lol. Just for information, from now on I will post my fics only here on dw as well as HERE on my AO3 account (will do that with older postings too one after another). The "crosspost" on lj will be post with a link to dw, so I would appreciate if you would leave your comment either here or on AO3. Thanks! <3

Also, as a short notice, I will be on fanfic-posting hiatus from next week on, since I ran out of stuff to post. XD No worries, there will be more fanfictions in the future and I will probably post on Wednesdays then again, so please keep your eyes open ^^ I might post some other stuff in the meantime... maybe my London report (finally) or... don't know, would anyone be interested in some kind of Q & A or such? You can ask me anything you want regarding fandoms, my writing, myself or whatever you like and as long as I don't feel uncomfortable with it I will answer your questions. If you're interested in something like that, don't be shy and drop me your questions, either here in the comments or send me a message. ^^

Anyway, hope to read you soon! :D

Sky ♥

*This posting is cross posted from Dreamwidth*

Since I am gradually deleting my fics from lj, I am closing the comment section. Please go to my Dreamwidth or AO3 pages in order to leave a comment, which is of course very much appreciated.
Thank you!
Camp Nanowrimo April 2017 Kopie.jpg

Hey everybody, How's it going?

April 1st is here and while for some people that means to go and make april fools out of people, for others, it means that Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) April session has started to support, motivate and push you forward with your writing projects, whether you're a novellist, a non-fiction writer or a fanfiction writer. (Of course, this is only optional but during the last years (November 2015 and July 2016) I found this event kind of helpful with my writing, so I'll challenge this event again.)

Fellow writers - in case you participate - are you ready? :D

For those who are not familiar with NaNoWriMo and wonder "What is this all about?" let me give a short explanation.

NaNoWriMo is an online event were writers from all over the world can participate, using the NaNoWriMo website to keep track of their writing progress with a certain goal - to update a word count every single day during a whole month (not sharing any content, just numbers) and reach a specific number of words by the end of the month.

Some people use this to finally start writing their own stories, others use it for long-planned fanfic projects, some might even manage to finish a novel.

Well, officially, the said goal IS to write a novel within 30 days, but if you ask me, this should only be a secondary goal. You don't have to finish a novel within that timespan, but you can make use of the concept of NaNoWriMo to push yourself forward and try to write as much as you can/want. You then will have to upload your writing, whether finished or not to the website then at the end of the month (only for word-count purpose, no content will be shared with others) and if you reach the word count, you "win". During November (official NaNoWriMo) the goal is set to 50.000 words, while during the camp sessions in April and July you can choose your own goal. (For more information about NaNoWriMo, check out their website: NaNoWrimo. Camp NaNoWriMo is linked at the bottom of the website.)

This time I set my goal quite low for my standards, 25.000 words, since I'm not in best shape recently. But who knows, maybe I'll surpass that goal (again) and write a lot more. I'll let the muse guide me. ^^ I had a lot of trouble to decide which project I want to challenge this time, in fact I had about 6 candidates, amont others an original story that I FINALLY want to write, but since it's not plotted out enough yet, I postponed this project (again T_T) and decided on something else. I won't tell you the details, but I can tell you this much - it's a fanfiction and I'm motivated to get this one out of my head! <3

Btw, you can see my personal essentials for Camp NaNoWriMo (or as I like to shorten it: Camp Nano) in the picture above and for those who are participating (or considering to do so) too, I want to share a few lines on how to become/stay motivated during the writing process and hope, it might be of help for some of you, if you need it.

What do you need and what should you consider while working hard on your project?

Of course, this depends and varies from person to person, but here are a few of my personal tips:

  • Try to fit in some time for writing (even if it's just a 15-20 minutes writing session) every day! (But if you can't, that's fine too.)

  • If necessary, tell your family and friends that you are participating in (Camp) Nano and explain to them why you need time for writing every day so that they can understand if you have to cut a little shorter on socializing etc. The most important thing about this: Don't feel guilty for it!

  • Surround yourself with things you like and that motivate you. That can be a poster of your favourite idol group *wink*, your favourite music, your favourite book, motivational quotes or whatever you want. (Just don't use them as distraction, rather use them to recharge when you feel demotivated or down) and write in a space you feel comfortable in.

  • If you write crap the one day or the other, don't mind, that's fine! You just have to get a first draft on your paper/document. Revising is for AFTER (Camp) Nano, so don't worry too much about the result!

  • If you are a "planner", like me - try to be prepared as well as possible and have a plan/plot and lots of details about your characters for your story on hand. This will make writing a lot easier!

  • If you get blocked, try writing practices (there are tons out there!) or simply write something completely different like a journal entry, a long-due letter/e-mail to a friend or whatever you like. (You may or may not include those words to your word count-document... nobody will check WHAT you submit at the end of the month, however, I prefer keeping such things separated from my actual piece.)

  • Stay hydrated! (I recommend tea or water) And don't forget to take breaks. (If you - like me - have to work at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week and you spend your whole evening writing, this can be very exhausting so don't push yourself too much or you'll get burned out. Been there, done that, still being there too often and it's ugly.) And don't forget to eat. Or sleep. You know, just continue trying to be a functional human being. ;)

  • Don't forget to have fun! Make "writing for yourself" the priority, not the thought of what people might think about your writing. This might sound selfish but I believe that people can create the best things when they are doing things they really love and enjoy doing and in the end, not only the writer but also the reader will benefit from that!

This is, what I personally try to follow, not only during (Camp) Nano sessions, but when I am working on a project in general. If those points don't work for you, don't worry, make your own points, do whatever works for you. If you can't follow your points every day, don't worry and try not to become demotivated. I know that can be hard, I tend to become overly frustrated with myself tons of times, but I'm trying to make these times decrease and to accept how things are coming at me. There are circumstances, there are good and bad days, and that's normal. Just try to do your best and enjoy your project! :)

So, to all my fellow writers - participating in Camp Nano or not - good luck with your projects! And to everybody else - enjoy whatever you do and make it a great month too! :D


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22 March 2017 @ 11:07 pm
Title: Dance in the Dark
Fandom: Arashi, a few other Johnnies mentioned
Rating: up to NC-17 (chapter 3)
Pairing: Junba (Aiba Masaki x Matsumoto Jun), Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki friendship, Sakumiya (Sakurai Sho x Ninomiya Kazunari) side pairing
Warnings: a bit cheap, a bit deep, a bit sex, a bit angst, mentions of minor side-characters' deaths

"If things with girls don't work out, why not try something new?" - To cheer up Aiba after his now ex-girlfriend cheated on him, his best friend takes him to his favourite host club in town. The special thing about this host club? It's a gay host club. The problem? Aiba isn't gay. Or at least, that's what he believes, until he meets popular host Jun who tries to convince him from the contrary.

This story was written for yukitsubute in the 2016 Aibaexchange. It didn't turn out as kinky as planned, but rather deep. I also added a side pairing here, feeling it was necessary for the complexity of the story. I really enjoyed writing this story, so I hope all of you will enjoy reading it too! <3

Big thanks to the super lovely silver_crystall and wendyjoly for supporting me throughout the writing process and to amazing jtaytt for super-speedy-beta-reading this, partly on very short notice due to my time management problems at the end of last year!

Further, just a few notes for people who are not familiar with some terms:
Ni-Choume is a part of Tokyo's district Shinjuku, famous for its nightlife dedicated to gay and lgtb people. It's said it holds the world's highest concentration of gay clubs.
Suica card is a card in Japan which you can buy and charge with money and use for travelling with underground trains, bus, etc.

Back to Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Hey everybody and welcome back to my journal!

I just arrived back home from a 9-day trip to London with one of my best friends a few hours ago. I returned with loooots of new stuff in my luggage and an annoying cold bugging me since Saturday *sneeze* (because yeah, I always manage to get sick when I'm on a trip and British colds don't seem to be an exception lol). Luckily, I still have the rest of the week off and can rest ^^. However, I wanted to quickly post this before going to bed. (The trip was AMAZING btw and I plan to tell you more about it very soon, probably sharing a ton of pictures with you guys so if you're interested in my travel experience, keep your eyes open ^.^)

Since I didn't really have time to properly do this yet, I wanted to make a shout out to some birthday kids from my friend's list from the past few days (sorry that I couldn't do it in time!) so, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to chibipinkpetals, kame_no_arashi, mitsuhaji, mjaytona, pompolea (only saw it now that it's your birthday too today, sorry ^^) and renchan27! Also another friend's birthday was last week but I don't know if she wants it to be known publicly so I didn't name her but again, feel hugged, dear! ♥ Good luck, success, health and whatever you wish for! I hope you were able to enjoy your birthday, that you received some delicious cake and nice presents! Also, my dear Ren-chan, thanks a lot for your lovely card! I'll send you an e-mail soon.

Further, I am sorry that I missed last week's update for my fic! I had my laptop with me in London and planned to post it in the morning, but the Wi-fi there didn't let me acces lj for the whole time D: (WHY?!) and so I couldn't do it. I will update chapter 3 of "Dance in the Dark" tomorrow then, so after a one-week-break, Wednesday-update is back to normal. :)

OK, and that's it for now. Hope, you're all doing well and see you tomorrow (or today... depends where you live xD).