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24 April 2012 @ 02:01 am
[Fanfiction] Massage (Arashi One-Shot)  
Title: Massage
Fandom: Arashi
Pairing: Sakumiya
Warnings: eh... a bit fluff(?) and smut(?) (not used to warnings, I'm sorry xD)
Rating: NC-17

Summary: After an exhausting week of work Sho invites Nino for playing some video games. Since he got real trouble with some pretty stiff shoulders, Nino offers to give Sho a massage...

Author's note: Argh... my first Sakumiya fanfiction and it's something like THIS? XD I'm sorry... I'm planning a completely other fanfiction for this pairing right now as well but this one will get a much longer plot and since I'm writing on another longer JE-fanfiction at the moment as well, the longer Sakumiya-fanfiction has to wait... Still couldn't resist writing a short one for this paring just to share it with you...

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own any of my beloved Johnny's and this story is just fictional. ^^v


After a whole week of photo shootings, dancing practices, filming for variety TV and lots more, Sho sat down on the couch in the Arashi dressing room and let out a huge sigh. Everybody else – expect from Nino, who was too distracted by his new DS game – looked at Sho surprised since it wasn’t his style making his exhaustion that obvious. When he stretched and after that grabbed his left shoulder and tried to massage it by himself with a painful look, Ohno sat down next to him.

“Tensed up, huh?”, he asked with a sympathetic look.

“Completely… That must be because of me getting too less sleep these days… stress I guess…”, Sho sighed again. Then his eyes wandered towards Nino, who was sitting in a corner still playing with his DS, “I wonder how our little miracle-boy can stand this always…”

For real Nino hasn’t slept much either. But he wasn’t stressed because of work, he simply got too distracted when he got a new DS game so that he didn’t even notice that he forgot to sleep. Sometimes he felt asleep suddenly at midday when the young men spent their time eating lunch. Sometimes he even felt asleep half-eating and Sho and the others had to prevent him from dropping his nose into his cup of Ramen, trying hard not to burst out laughing. Although Nino had a quite unhealthy way of living from time to time – forgetting to sleep or to eat by preferring to stare at his DS as much as he could – he didn’t have that much trouble with it. And for Sho it took only a week with a full working schedule to get tensed up that much… that was unfair…

“There it was again…”, Ohno suddenly whispered and looked at Sho with a knowing look. Sho frowned.

“What do you mean?”, he asked their leader curiously, watching at Nino again like he had missed something important…

“Not Nino… I meant you!”, Ohno answered and Sho was even more confused than the minute before, “He’s on your mind every single minute, right? You’re quite too easy to read, Sho-chan!”

Sho tried his best not to blush too obvious while Ohno giggled like crazy. “Aaah… what are you talking about?” But yeah… Ohno must be right. Nino caught Sho’s attention much too often these days just by being as Nino as he always was. This must be the stress too. Maybe it made Sho think and feel stupid stuff towards other people. Like he got annoyed too easily by Jun or started feeling quite uncomfortable in Ohno’s company when the guy seemed to know quite too much he shouldn’t…

“You know there is a quite easy way to get rid of stress”, the leader continued and a wide grin stuck on his face, “And I know someone that you also know… who’s really good at stuff like this.”

“Eh?!”, Sho didn’t get it even if he followed Ohno's look – observing their little gamer again.

“Sho, don’t play dumb! You know what I mean”, Ohno leaned a bit towards Sho’s ear and whispered into it, “I mean… sex… don’t tell me you wouldn’t be pleasured by fucking our sweet little brat.”

Sho’s face went deep red and he tried to stutter something without being successful at all so he just stared at their leader with a shocked look.

“Besides, he’s really good at giving massages too… wouldn’t that be perfect for your tensed up body?”, Ohno grinned. He really seemed to enjoy Sho’s shocked reaction. Sometimes leader could be a real brat too…

“I’m not interested in knowing what you guys were testing when you were teenagers…”, Sho finally whispered back, his face as red as before. It wasn’t a big secret that Nino and Ohno had been quite adventurous in their teens including getting to know each other in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Even if it was just for fun, Sho sometimes wondered how such an experience would have been… especially together with Nino. Argh… he was really thinking about this little brat much more than it could be healthy!

“Hm… that brings back memories… and you know what? Maybe I’m a bit stressed too… I could ask him if he wants to stay over at my place for the weekend… I bought the new PS3 game which came out yesterday, I think he would be interested and pause his DS game for that…maybe he would give me one of his great massages when I ask friendly”, Ohno stretched out and imitated Sho’s moving from before, not turning away his eyes from watching Sho’s reaction about that. The boy sat there with open mouth and seemed to really struggle with his feelings. Ohno laughed shortly and stopped being mean, “Should I lend it to you?”, he asked with a wide grin.

“Oi… Nino?”

Sho had been hesitating but he did not took that long. Shortly after that he was standing in front of the gamer, face shot red, trying his best to get his attention away of the DS and towards him for inviting him to his place for the weekend, showing him the new PS3-game, Ohno pressed into his hands shortly before. After pausing his game, Nino’s eyes where shining bright as he saw the game and was just too happy about Sho wanting to play it together with him. While Nino was jumping up and down in anticipated pleasure and Sho was busy in hiding his nervousness, Ohno was giggling and rolling up on the couch and Jun and Aiba who were playing cards and didn’t notice anything from the conversation between Sho and their leader just didn’t wonder about their band mates being freaky like always…

Since it happened not really often that Sho offered to play video games with someone, Nino seemed full of joy. On the way from work to Sho’s house he even kept his DS shot and talked with Sho about the new game he bought for the PS3. Sho had to fudge a story since he nearly never bought stuff like this and only knew the name of the game because he read it as Ohno gave it to him. So he stated that Ohno had suggested it to him who seemed a little bit more up to date considering the gaming world.

When they arrived Sho’s house, Nino didn’t last long until he felt like in his own home and cuddled up on the couch, preparing the TV and the PS3 with it’s controllers for the new game. Sho went into the kitchen for making some dinner out of the leftovers he found in the refrigerator and came up with some fruits salad for desert. He war really nervous thinking about his plans. How could this happen? Ohno had really drove him towards inviting Nino over to his house with the ulterior motive of seducing his younger band mate! What was biting him? But somehow this idea felt really interesting… although he couldn’t remember since when he wanted to knock up Nino, the idea of it really turned him on… Was is curiosity? He was curious all the time when Nino and Ohno had their “experimental phase” a few years ago but he had never considered doing the same. So he had shut silent. Was this desire hidden withing him already there these past years?

Lost in his thoughts Sho nearly dropped the hot plates with pasta and tomato sauce he had warmed up for him and Nino. He had to pull himself together! So he took a deep breath and went into the living room again where Nino was testing the seizure of the controller for the new game.

“Oi, Sho this game will be pretty tough! You sure you wanna play this against someone experienced like me?!”, the younger one teased his band mate and grinned towards him irresistible cute showing him both rows of his beautiful white teethes.

“Don’t underestimate me, Nino!”, Sho replied and put down the plates, “But let’s eat first.”

Two hours later Nino was rolling on the floor laughing in high tension while Sho seemed to be hit rock bottom by losing again and again.

“Whyyyyy~~~ I thought I could beat you just once! And you find joy in my misfortune so damn obviously… You’re heartless, Nino, heartless, you hear me?!”, he complained and pouted towards the younger one who was laughing and giggling like crazy.

Nino crawled back onto the couch and tried to stop laughing as he seemed quite out of breath. He looked at Sho and couldn’t resist than finding the older one totally cute pouting like a little boy. “Naaaah… Sho-chan! You’re not that bad you know? It’s just… I’m far better than you!”, and he giggled again, owning a punch against his shoulder.

“Ah…”, Sho moaned painfully, pulling his hand back, “Damn shoulder…”

“Eh?”, Nino wondered and looked at Sho worried, “What’s up?”

Sho waved aside. “Nothing… it’s just… my shoulder and my neck are pretty stiff these days”, he admitted and pressed his hand in his neck, trying to stretch his shoulders as much as he could.

“Let me have a look…”, Nino crawled a bit closer, sat down behind his band mate and examined Sho’s neck and shoulders with his own hands. Sho was getting nervous about the younger one’s touches and he remembered what had been the original reason for him inviting Nino this time. He felt that he blushed a little when Nino started to examine Sho’s shoulders with small careful squeezes. It already felt like getting a massage…but… seducing the other one… Sho was quite sure he couldn’t really do that. Suddenly Sho moaned accidentally when Nino hit a real painful spot.

“Ah… I’m sorry”, Nino apologized and let his hand wander to another spot which seemed to be not that pained.

“What are you doing?”, Sho asked and tried to turn his head back to look into Nino's face which turned out to be painful and nearly impossible again.

“You’re really tensed up…”, the younger one said calmly and stroke Sho’s neck which felt really good, Sho had to admit, “I think I can help you but here on the couch it’s a bit uncomfortable for you… you should lay down on your bed… and do you have some massage oil or something?”

“Yeah… I think somewhere there should be some”, Sho answered and tried not to blush again when he thought about getting a massage from Nino on his bed.

“Go into your bedroom, get rid of your shirt and make yourself feeling comfortable. Try to relax your shoulders as much as possible!”, Nino jumped from the couch and went into the bathing room, searching for something. It seemed like he already had turned the whole bathing room upside down when noises like “Eeeeh” and “Oooops” could be heard and Sho sighed. What was Nino doing to his bathing room?!

“Nino… I’ve got some here in the bedroom…”, he shouted and shortly after the dark haired gamer popped up in the doorway. Sho already had undressed his shirt and lay face down on his blanket.

“Where is it?”, Nino asked and looked around.

“It’s in my bedside locker”, Sho answered and tried to stretch his hand towards it but he completely failed, “I’m sorry, it’s too far away for me to reach…”

“Don’t worry!”, Nino replied laughing and went on the other side of the bed to search for the oil there. He searched every single drawer and finally stopped, because he had found… something… “Eeeeh… Shooo-chan?!”, he asked turning around after a short pause.

“Hm?”, Sho tried to turn up his head a bit for sending Nino a questioned look, “What’s up? Can’t you find it?”

Nino seemed a bit embarrassed as he continued talking, “Could it be you meant this?!”, he held out something towards Sho – a small bottle with the printing “All in One – Massage oil & Lube” he had found in between condoms and tissues. Sho blushed again.

“Eh… Yeah… that’s all I’ve got”, he said.

“Shoooo~… you’re such a pervert!”, he grinned, “I didn’t know you buy stuff like this!”

“Eh… it’s not like… I… it was just much more cheaper as the expensive massage oil!”, Sho tried to explain stuttering and his voice turned a bit high pinched.

Nino laughed, “Cheaper? That could have been my quote! Really, Sho… Well… doesn’t matter. It will be fine with this”, he said and finally jumped onto the bed so that Sho was getting shaken up a bit.

“What are you doing?”, Sho asked surprised when Nino sat down onto Sho’s butt as if this would be the most common thing in the world.

“Don’t worry, I just can reach your shoulders better this way!”, Nino explained and Sho could hear the plug of the All-in-one-you-know-what followed by the sound of squeezed out gel. Nino spread it over his hands and finally leaned forward to touch Sho’s shoulders. The massage gel was already warmed up a bit through Nino’s hands but nevertheless it felt a bit awkward on Sho’s skin. The older one shivered for a short moment.

“Shh… relax… relax…”, Nino said in a calm voice and continued massaging and squeezing Sho’s shoulders and neck carefully. Sho’s breath became calmer and he started to relax. Then Nino carefully started to squeeze a bit more powerful to ease the tensed up musculature more.

“God… you really know what you’re doing…”, Sho moaned huskily.

“No need to call me “God”, “Nino” is just fine!”, the younger one giggled and continued massaging Sho who really seemed to enjoy the massage and couldn’t restrain from moaning again and again, “You really like this, don't you?”, Nino commented with a smirk on his lips.

“Hmmmmm....”, was all he got as an answer. Finally Sho seemed to be really relaxed.

Somehow Nino got a bit nervous while continuing the massage. Sho's moaning filled the room and reminded the younger one on noises you only get in the bedroom when you... well... where having sex with someone... Nino blushed a bit and wondered if it was OK for him to slowly but surely going to get quite turned on through Sho's moaning... He intensified his massage and tried to get more moaning out of Sho while his own breath got faster and he was getting a troublesome time to concentrate onto stroking Sho's shoulders properly. Suddenly the lower part of his body was starting to heat up and somehow he found it pretty tight in his pants. Nino leaned a bit forward and had to choke down a moan that almost had left his lips as he felt his hardening member stroking against Sho's cute butt...

Nino stopped moving at once when he realized what he was doing and thinking. He felt his cheeks burning from the red color that must have covered his face all over and gulped. He really got carried away... imagining something like that together with Sho... it had been a while since he was dreaming about this. Even in his so-called experimental phase when he pushed things to the extreme together with Oh-chan, he never would have come near to Sho this way since he was sure the older one would not be really interested in sleeping with another boy. But suddenly the old desire has come back and had hit him quite tough.

“Eh... Nino?”, Sho asked calmly realizing what just had happened..

Nino jumped off from Sho, tried to cover his arousal and just kept silent. Sho slowly turned around, realizing that his shoulders didn't feel stiff anymore at all thanks to Nino's great job as a masseur. Sho looked at Nino and couldn't resist smirking as he became aware of the current situation. The younger one looked just too cute embarrassed like that.

“What's up, Nino-chan? Why so shy suddenly?”, Sho teased the young man and turned around completely so that he lay on his back, based on his elbows so that he could have a better look towards Nino. It was quite obvious that Sho's pants had gotten much too tight too... Seemed like the position completely had switched. Suddenly Sho felt quite comforted and wasn't shy and nervous any longer by seeing Nino that cute.

“I... just....”, Nino started stuttering but could not really end any meaningful sentence, “I... uhm...”

Sho sat up and moved a bit towards Nino. He spread his legs and pulled Nino in between so that the younger one was close enough to slightly get hugged by his band mate.

“Now you're the one that seemed quite stiff... wanna let me get rid of that stress for you?”, Sho whispered into Nino's ears causing the younger one to shiver slightly as well as breathing sharply.

Nino turned his face a little towards Sho until both of them ended up looking at each other's eyes intensively. The air between them got pretty hot and it was quite obvious that both of them where thinking the same right now. Since their heartbeats got faster and faster it didn't took long until both of them where drowned in passion and found themselves sharing a kiss, first carefully and a bit shy but soon hot and passionate as if this would have been all they have longed for. His eyes closed Nino found himself tousling up Sho's fluffy hair and Sho was pressing the smaller body towards him even more. He didn't imagine that it would feel so good kissing and hugging Nino in such a situation... he really felt like this was fulfilling a long hidden desire of him.

“Take off that shirt, Nino... it's quite unfair, I'm half naked already!”, Sho whispered between two passionate kisses and Nino didn't hesitate to do what the older one ordered.

Soon he found himself buried under Sho's heated body, pressing the younger one into the soft blanket. They didn't stop kissing each other while letting their hands wandering over the skin of the other discovering every little part of their bodies. Nino started pulling slightly at Sho's pants' waistband trying to give him a hint to get finally rid off them. Sho didn't hesitate and pulled them off quickly, then he started to tamper with Nino's pants as well until they found their way to the floor too, leaving the young men behind on the bed completely naked. Sho covered Nino's body with kisses, starting from his lips, wandering over his neck, his chest, teasing his bellybutton a bit with the tongue so that Nino couldn't help put laughing since he was completely ticklish at this point and finally arriving at Nino's proud standing member which Sho began to kiss and stroke carefully. Sho got requited with the most sexy moaning he had ever heard which gave him a pleasant shiver. He went up again, watching Nino's glass-eyed look, pressing his lips against Nino's again. After a hot kiss he ended it to breathe again and looked into Nino's eyes directly.

“I wanted to tell you ever since... that I love your bedroom eyes... they just turn me on...”, Sho admitted and they shared another passionate kiss.

“Sho... please don't stop, it feels so good...”, Nino whispered breathing uncontrolled.

“You're sure you really want me to...”, Sho asked as he started to spread Nino's legs slightly. Nino moaned and pulled his hands around Sho, pressing him against his body.

“Absolutely... I want you! I want you so much”, he said with a husky voice towards Sho's ear before he let him go off again, “I wanted you a long time ago... but I didn't dare dreaming about something like this would happen... Please... don't stop, Sho-chan...”

Sho got completely aroused and covered Nino's body with kisses again but this time they where small and rushed. He reached out for the “massage oil & lube” Nino dropped somewhere on the blanket, found it and put some of it onto his fingers. Then he devoted again to Nino's member, kissing it and finally taking it into is mouth at the fullest. Nino let go off a moaning of pleasure and twisted excited under Sho's treatment. This felt so good... Slowly Sho went further and started to push Nino's bottom cheeks apart so that his lubed fingers could find the younger one's entrance easily. He stroke over it a few times tenderly, and as Nino seemed to be relaxed quite enough, he let sink one of his fingers slowly into the younger one's body. Nino moaned in pleasure and his body trembled a bit.

“Does it hurt?”, Sho asked a bit worried, but Nino just shook his head.

“Feels... great...”, he moaned and his hands searched for Sho's hair, tousling it up to comfort him to continue pushing his finger in and out.

After inserting a second and shortly after a third finger, Nino seemed to get prepared well enough soon. Sho let go of Nino's member and stroke his own one who also pined over feeling such pleasure too finally. He grabbed a condom from his beside locker and pulled it on. Then he pulled his fingers out of Nino who moaned with a protesting undertone. Sho place himself between Nino's legs who reached out his hands and placed them around Sho's neck to feel more of the other's closeness.

“Do it...”, the younger one whispered and his piercing look was so full of desire that Sho just couldn't stand it any longer. He pushed into Nino carefully until he had filled him completely and both of them moaned nearly the same time.

“Whooah... Nino!”, Sho screamed and enjoyed this wonderful feeling trembling through his whole body.

Nino's hands clenched tighter towards Sho and shortly after both of them were lost in a rhythm of pure passion, kissing each other breathlessly, switching positions and having sex through all the night until both of them lay down on Sho's bed completely out of breath. Nino cuddled up with Sho, who put an arm around the younger one, pulling him closer towards himself. They shared affectionate kisses all over their faces until both of them finally felt asleep.

The next day Sho woke up and it was the first time since nearly a week he woke up without any stiff feeling in his shoulders. But... there was another strange feeling... his arm has completely gotten numb. The young man smirked as he watched Nino cuddled up towards him sleeping calmly. He leaned towards him, pressing soft kisses onto his forehead until the younger one slowly woke up too. Nino frowned and tried to open his eyes properly which was really difficult after such an eventful night. He turned his face towards Sho and his face turned into a sleepy smile.

“Good morning!”, he said and kissed Sho's lips, “How was my massage? Do you feel any stress right now?”, Nino asked with a smirk.

“I'm completely fine now... but I think we should repeat this soon so that I never get this stressed again”, Sho answered in a whisper and Nino grinned nodding.

“I'd love to... but... make sure to give me a short break!”, Nino laughed and when he stood up – or at least tried to stand up properly – Sho understood what he meant, “Don't worry!”, Nino said as he saw Sho's worried look, “It's quite a sweet pain, I'm alright! But... I remember that you wanted to try beating me in that game... wanna get revenge?”

Sho could not resist cuddling his sweet Nino before they went under the shower together and then spent the next few hours with the PS3 game, Nino beating Sho badly again, until they took a break for kissing and ending up in bed again...

When Aiba asked Sho and Nino at the next working day how far they could get with the new game they were so excited about the last time, Sho only stated that they didn't really play that much but that they had quite a lot of fun. While Nino was nearly choking on his coffee, Jun was just raising an eyebrow shortly paying attention to the guys instead of his fashion magazine and Ohno couldn't help but burst out laughing. Nino gave their leader a perplexed look but when Sho looked at him with a cute smile, he forgot over all that and just smiled back.


Aaaah... I finally did it! >.< lol... I think I really suck in writing sexual content? XD I'm not used to it, so I'm sorry if you expected more of it... but I tried hard and hope some of you had a bit fun with it! =) If you liked this please feel free to leave a comment! ^^ And of course feel free to do so too if you didn't like something xD And then please tell me what it was so that I can get better in writing such stuff ^^v Thanks to the readers *places cookies for you*

Love, sky

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peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: je: YO CHECK MY FLOWphrenk on April 24th, 2012 04:52 am (UTC)
I enjoyed this, thank you for sharing! ♥
Sky: SakuMiyasky_fish7 on April 24th, 2012 01:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it ^^
chibipinkpetalschibipinkpetals on April 24th, 2012 04:53 am (UTC)
*gets allured by the cookies* xDD

I think that this was pretty cute
That you have Ohno teasing Sho. And Junba being a little oblivious to the whole situation until they end :D
I think that your Sakumiya sexy time turned out cute, sexy, and just <33
I want a Nino!Massage!!~ xD
Thanks a lot for sharing this piece of Sakumiya
Hope that you are able to finish your other fic and soon work on more Sakumiya *squishies*
Sky: SakuMiyasky_fish7 on April 24th, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
Yei, you like the cookies? =D hehe
Thank you so much for reading! ^^
Really? XD Was it cute? Well... I guess it was more cute than... sexy? lol As I told - I suck at writing sexual content lool It's just... toooo embarassing for me XD But I have to admit - to write it in English was a bit easier than in my mother tongue =P lol Maybe that's a bit of progress?
Haha, yeah... a massage of Nino... would be great =P hrhr
I'll do my best with my other fanfic so that I can continue writing Sakumiya XD haha Argh.... there are just too much cute pairings I like =3 lol

Edited at 2012-04-24 02:11 pm (UTC)
Mielove: Kazu gifmielove on April 24th, 2012 02:38 pm (UTC)
I do really love this Sakumiya shot !!
it has everything... cute but HOT
thanks for writing and sharing ^^
I'll be waiting for another Sakumiya story from you ♥
Skysky_fish7 on April 24th, 2012 02:58 pm (UTC)
Waaah... thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it, thanks for reading! *gives you a cookie' =3
Oh yeah... Sakumiya is just... *faint* I'm looking forward to write another story with them ^^ (But the next one will get depressive too =O= I'm curious if I can write it the way I've planned...)
yamashoyamasho on April 25th, 2012 11:38 am (UTC)
enjoyed this one
Sky: SakuMiyasky_fish7 on April 25th, 2012 03:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you! =3
lakukulilakukuli on May 1st, 2012 03:31 am (UTC)
I really liked it very much
Thanks for sharing
oh, and I would kill for a massage from Nino ;)
Skysky_fish7 on May 1st, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for reading and commenting! ^^ I'm glad you liked id =D
airifanairifan on July 10th, 2012 07:44 pm (UTC)
Ja ja...sag mir bitte noch einmal...ICH hätte komische Gedanken. XD wenn ich das hier lese, seh ich das ja ganz anders. *lol*
Ich dachte du stehst auf Romantik...meine Augen wurden ja immer größer und größer... *blush* XD
Aber wirklich gut geschrieben...ich mag auch Ohno´s Part. Und jaaaaa er kommt mit vor. XD Jetzt brauch ich nur noch ne OhMiya Szene...dann wäre es noch besser. *lol*
Tolle FanFic. XD
Skysky_fish7 on July 10th, 2012 10:42 pm (UTC)
Hihi xD Hab ich dich überrascht? =D Ja, die Fanfic ist nicht überromantisch oder so... (aber es sind Gefühle da zwischen den beiden, also es geht nit nur ums Poppen!! XD) ahäm... freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefallen hat ^^" Oje, jetzt ist es mir noch peinlicher >.> Ich tu mir eigentlich total schwer bei so Sexszenen und so o___O Muss gestehen, auf Englisch war es aber um einiges einfacher als auf Deutsch XD haha Sakumiya sind doch toll, oder? *____* Die beiden... hach... da blüht mein Herz auf... und ja, bisschen Ohno is ja auch dabei XD Ich mag seinen Part auch =) Hat was lässiges XD haha
airifanairifan on July 10th, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Ja Sexszenen sind peinlich...sowohl sie zu lesen (xD also ich bin ja echt rot geworden) als auch sie zu schreiben.... XD ich glaub nimmt sich beides nicht viel...aber es macht Spaß XD
Ja Ohnos Part war auch net schlecht... XD Schreib mal wieder sowas ähnliches. *lach*
Skysky_fish7 on July 10th, 2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
Also ich hab ja ne oberdramatische Sakumiya-Fanfiktion in Planung... und Ohno spielt da auch eine Rolle, aber auch eher als bester Freund und Vermittler sozusagen...
airifanairifan on July 10th, 2012 10:51 pm (UTC)
Werd ich sicher lesen...aber irgendwann...irgendwann musst echt mal was mit Ohno - Main schreiben XD sonst geh ich in die Ecke heulen... ;) *lol*
Skysky_fish7 on July 10th, 2012 10:52 pm (UTC)
Naja, mal schaun xD Wenns nit geht gehts nit, sonst kommt nur Schmarrn raus XD Das wär ja auch nix... =P Aber vlt kann ich mich ja irgendwann auch mit dem Pairing anfreunden. Wer weiß
airifanairifan on July 11th, 2012 06:13 am (UTC)
Wäre cool XD
Kommt ja auch Ansatzweise schon in deiner One-Shot Fan Fic vor ;)
Skysky_fish7 on July 11th, 2012 05:47 pm (UTC)
Hm naja xD Ja son bisschen... aber halt eher auf freundschaftlicher Basis =P Und auf Jugendsünden-basis XD
ヴァレリーvalee94 on July 23rd, 2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for writing this!! <333
Skysky_fish7 on July 23rd, 2012 07:51 pm (UTC)
uwaaa~~ yeei! =D
Thank you for reading and commenting this! <3 I'm glad you liked it! ^^
teeteendahood on March 12th, 2013 01:52 pm (UTC)

sho loves Nino's massage in a real life.
but seems like Nino didnt sat on Sho's butt XD

*according to Mago2 episode

nice ones
Skysky_fish7 on March 12th, 2013 02:24 pm (UTC)
Wow you're a fast reader! Thanks for leaving a comment! =)

Well... I'm sure they just didn't show that part in Mago2 but when Nino gives private massages to Sho I'm sure he's sitting on his butt, even if it's just trolling XD haha Well... just my Imagination of course =P
Hatori Sachiyo: pic#125150510hatorisachiyo22 on April 15th, 2016 10:08 pm (UTC)
This is cute :3 this is your first sakumiya right?
Skysky_fish7 on April 19th, 2016 04:57 pm (UTC)
LOOOL OMG yes, this was my first real Sakumiya (before this one-shot they appeared only as a side pairing in a Kisumai fanfic - as teacher and student in forbidden relationship LOL). So embarrassing XDDD But I'm glad you found it cute!