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04 January 2017 @ 05:56 pm
[Fanfiction] My fair Model (Part 2/8)  
Title: My fair Model
Type: Series
Year: 2016
Fandom: Arashi, a few other Johnnies as well as japanese actresses guesting
Pairing: Sakumiya, Junba (side)
Genre: slice of life, romance, a bit comedy and a tiny little bit drama
Rating/Warning: PG 13 - NC-17

Jun and Nino are friends, but more than that - rivals. When their boss, owner of a prestige photo studio, is about to choose his successor, the two of them have to compete for the position. To make things even more difficult for Nino, Jun boldly suggests a bet according to which they have to pimp up a random stranger to become their perfect photo model. Suddenly, shy office worker Sho finds himself in the middle of this competition, his life turned upside down...

Author’s note:
Written on request by my lovely beta Juju (jtaytt) with the keyword "blossom" (who can find it? :D) for my Spring ficlet challenge 2016 and the wish for something based on "My Fair Lady". Thanks for betaing this for me!

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My fair Model - Part 2

"Nino, Nino!" Aiba barged into the back room, making Suzu yelp in surprise, as he dashed to Nino's place where he was working on his laptop editing pictures before he got shaken and pulled out of his concentration. "Ni-No!"

"I can hear you, Aiba, what is it?" Nino replied after sighing shortly and turning around in his seat, to face his overly excited friend.

"Boss is completely into Jun's idea of the photo competition with the no-name models!" Aiba burst.

Nino arched a sceptical eyebrow. "Is that so?"

Lacking any further response, he turned his swivel chair back to face his computer again, placing his elbows on the table before resuming his task. To be honest, the photographer had not wasted a single thought on the upcoming "competition" Jun came up with. He still had the tiny ounce of hope that his colleague and self-proclaimed rival had been making a joke or dismissed the idea since they hadn’t talk about it the past two days. At some point, Nino had considered the possibility of the announcement Tacky made about retreating from the Blue Hour in order to concentrate on a business in New York being a bad dream. But then, his co-workers made it obvious enough that they were excited over Jun and Nino having to compete over the position of their boss' successor.

So Jun apparently had spent the last two days refining the idea he pitched to Nino the other day, and introduced the concept to their boss. Nino clicked his tongue. He would bet his lunch on Jun being calculative and trying to earn extra points with Tacky with this move (showing how "serious" he was about the boss job), but Nino didn't care. It's not that his position about this situation had changed overnight. Let Jun show off as much as he liked. Nino was still not interested in becoming the new boss of the photo studio.

Anyway, his best friend seemed excited enough for two, Nino figured, as Aiba continued reporting to him. "He said he wants to hold an exhibition with all of your works at the end and people will see it and have to vote which pictures are the best and in the end the one of you two with the most votes will be the winner and become the new boss!"

Nino frowned, finally considering Aiba's information worthy enough for him to drop his attention on picture editing for another moment.

"That… sounds like he's planning something big," he said, only slightly becoming nervous, turning to his friend and giving him a questioning look.

"He said it will be a big party!" Aiba exclaimed, making a gesture with his arms as if he tried to imitate an explosion. "It will be his farewell party and the celebration for the new boss all in one! Nino, isn't that exciting?!"

Again, Nino frowned. "I don't know, Aiba…," honestly, this sounded like pressurising. Nino hated pressure. "I'm not that much into parties anyway," he mumbled.

Aiba rattled on the back of Nino's chair. "Oh come on, don't be such a kill-joy!"

"It's too early to get excited," the shorter man replied. "We don't even have our models yet!"

"We can change that," another voice chimed in suddenly and when Nino turned around again, he spotted Jun who had pushed his curly head around the corner and flashed a wide, challenging smile at him. "I'm free after work this evening, shall we go and pick out some models?"

"Oh yes, let's go search for the models!" Aiba yelled, even more excited than his boyfriend, even more annoying, Nino thought. But he knew his friends. They (especially Aiba) wouldn't let go of him, so giving in – as so often – was definitely the easier and less stressful option.

"Well... I don't have any plans yet."

"Great!" Aiba cheered, immediately counting his friend's reaction as a yes. When he exchanged a happy thumbs-up with Jun, Nino rolled his eyes.

- + -

As expected, Aiba bought ice cream for all of them, and even if Nino wasn't into sweet things and he considered it a bit too early in the season to indulge in collective ice cream licking, he accepted it with a small "thanks" and without any complaints. At least, Aiba had been thoughtful and chosen Nino's least disliked flavour for him - green tea, which wasn't that sweet in fact and thus, kind of acceptable.

Now Nino was sitting here on a bench next to his best friend and Jun, watching over the city's hustle and bustle as the evening drew close. Jun had chosen a relatively well-frequented pedestrian zone to look out for some potential models for their project. Nino snorted at the idea, but came along nonetheless. What choice did he have anyway? Moreover, the sooner they settled this part, the sooner he could go home for today.

Aiba had already pointed out several people as part of his suggestions for potential models, but all of them had gotten dismissed in the blink of an eye. To be fair, Jun's idea was to choose some "normal" person, no-one who looked like they had model potential from birth, so it was logical that Aiba's choice of young, cheerful, dressed-up women didn't exactly meet the required standard.

Instead, Nino chose to make fun of Jun and suggested the most hilarious people he could spot – an extremely pierced young punk who looked so skinny that Nino expected a skeleton underneath his clothes, a peroxide blond, dark tanned Gyaru and a granny with hunchback that passed them on her way home from grocery shopping. Perhaps, it would have been fun to try and see if Jun had the guts and skills to turn one of those people into a shining model with his talent, but Jun argued that he had some "more normal" people in mind. Thus, he also had restrained from suggesting impossibilities to Nino, thankfully. Nino figured quickly, that Jun was extremely serious about this whole situation. It was annoying…

While finishing his green tea ice cream, Nino decided to take the matter a bit more seriously too and finally pointed at someone who has already caught his eyes a few minutes ago. A street painter sitting on an upside down wooden drink box, obviously sketching something on the canvas placed in front of him and looking like he would fall asleep any second despite his task.

"What about that guy?"

Jun snapped his head into the direction Nino was pointing at. "Who?"

"That painter over there."

Jun frowned. "He looks boring…"

"Go figure," Nino chuckled.

"It will indeed be challenging to portray an every day's face in an interesting way…," Jun murmured, putting his hand on his chin in a thinking gesture. "And this is actually your first serious and useful suggestion, Nino."

"Plus in the end you have to accept one of my proposals, right? You made the rules," the other photographer smirked, challenging. "So?"

"I'll go talk to him," Jun decided immediately and got up, Nino as well as excited Aiba watched after him before the latter jumped up and curiously followed his boyfriend.

- + -

Since both, Jun and especially Aiba, had significantly higher social skills than Nino, it didn't take them long to make the surprised painter open up to them and into a conversation. It turned out that his name was Ohno Satoshi. He was a freelancer and that spot in the pedestrian zone was his usual spot in the evenings for studying people passing by, portraying a few of them for a handful of yen. Further, he was undeniably broke. If it wasn't for his sister who seemed to provide him with shelter in her apartment for free, he might be a dead painter already and his works would probably actually sell well, he joked.

Honestly, Nino (who eventually joined them too) was surprised that Ohno could joke, since he didn't exactly give the impression of a funny guy to him. Apparently, Nino was wrong, well, even that wasn't as much of a surprise. He'd never been good in assessing other people's characters, or to be honest, he was never really interested in things like that.

However, as soon as Jun approached the painter, told him about the project – and offered payment as compensation – Ohno was on board. Contacts were exchanged, arrangements got made and hands were shaken to seal the deal and shortly after Jun added "Test-shot with Ohno-kun at 10 am" to his next day's schedule.

They didn't find a model for Nino that evening. It was late after talking to Ohno (Aiba was just too chatty) and they weren't lucky enough to find someone else who fit their criteria as perfectly as Ohno. In the end, Nino also clearly stated that he was not interested in turning an underaged High School girl from an ugly duckling into a swan, as Jun suggested half-heartedly when they ran out of motivation, and would possibly get into trouble with her parents. So Nino went home and the matter got postponed for now. He wasn't that sad about it. Compared to Jun, he wasn't in a hurry to actually start this shitty project.

Nonetheless, it seemed like there was no escape, as much as Nino had secretly wished for it, and so he wasn't surprised (even if displeased) when Jun approached him the next day, shortly after lunch break, wearing an all too disconcerting evil grin on his face. Nino wanted to wipe it off his friend's face but instead decided to channel his displeasure into breathing in and out as calmly as possible and to face the situation like a man.

"Today is your day!" Jun said, taking his chair and rolling it over to Nino's desk who was looking through some pictures from a photo shot from the previous day and doing some last editing, wanting to present to his customer the end results soon.

"What the hell did you do?" Nino asked as calm as possible.

"I found you a model."

"OK…," Nino nodded slowly, not so surprised. It was inevitable anyway, wasn't it? "Who? And do I still have a say?"

Jun didn't say anything more and instead jumped up, grabbing Nino's arm, and pulling him to the front part of the studio. They came to a halt in front of Aiba who was standing there with another man that Nino almost overlooked due to his transparency, someone who looked as shy and nervous as it was humanly possible, as if he was ready to get swallowed by the ground any second. When Nino's look fell on him, they locked eyes for a second, the man shying away immediately and Nino finding himself frowning at a strangely familiar feeling. It was just something very faint... but he felt, like he actually knew that person. He looked a bit closer.

That guy in front of him was wearing a grey suit, nothing special, a typical office outfit, probably, glasses and his slightly too long hair was parted on the left side in an incredible boring hairstyle. His face was round and his lips pulpous. All in all, in an odd way, nothing about this person seemed to match...

"May I introduce you to Sakurai Sho-san," Jun finally said, gesturing at the man. "He works in this building too, in one of the full floor offices upstairs."

The man, startled slightly by the sound of his own name, and bowed hastily at Nino. "Go – good day…"

Wait, that voice, that way of wishing him good day... When a memory of the sound of a distant, stumbled "Go – good morning" hit Nino, his eyes widened.

"Oh," Nino muttered.

Without returning the greeting, he pulled Jun with him into the back. Jun quickly threw an apologetic look at the other man, who was left behind, looking like he was lost on a foreign island if there wasn't Aiba who patted his shoulder friendlily.

"You're being very impolite, I might say, Nino," Jun hissed in a sharp tone when they stopped.

Nino ignored his critique. "Jun, seriously, what am I supposed to do with tha- I mean him?!"

"What?" Jun shrugged. "Doesn't he make a fine model for your purpose?"

"He looks completely useless!" Nino snorted.

"That's the point in all this," Jun argued and the other sighed heavily. "Hey, don't look at me like that, you picked that plain, weird painter for me who looks like he shares more of Shige's characteristics than we assumed," he continued and admittedly, when Nino recalled the test shooting Jun had with Ohno a few hours ago, and how unnerved Jun threw his model out for the day afterwards after pressing a few bills into his hands, it had been far from easy. "Compared to that, you might even be lucky. Further, you don't even have to pay him, he's volunteering."

"What?" Nino gaped at his colleague in disbelief. Admittedly, this would indeed be a plus point.

"Seems that he has the hots for you," Jun giggled, nudging Nino's side. "Or he's stalking you because he wants to kill you. I don't know."

"Stalking me?," the other man asked confused, after pushing Jun aside to stop him from nudging him further. Nino definitely preferred if Jun would stick to exchanging body contact with his boyfriend Aiba instead.

Jun frowned. "Do you know that guy by any chance?"

"I don't!" Nino replied quickly before pursing his lips. Jun arched his eyebrows and Nino gave in. "Well, we rode the elevator together on Monday but that's all, as you said, he's working in the same building, right? I never took notice of him before, though."

"You sure?"

Nino frowned. "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"I saw him loitering around in the entrance hall downstairs around lunch break and to me it looked like he has been waiting - for you," the other man answered, crossing his arms.

"For me? Are you sure?"

"Pretty much, yes," Jun nodded. "But you didn't notice him at all and when you hopped on the elevator, that idiot tripped over his own feet and fell down before he could follow you. Poor guy, you should have seen him... I helped him up and asked if he needed something from you and he turned all shy and red. He didn't need to say anymore. When I told him about our project, he was hooked immediately, as I said, even without any promised payment."

"And you think that's because of me?" Nino still didn't get it.

"Probably," Jun shrugged. "However, you should go out and tell him if you accept him as your model or not. I have to go to an appointment now, so have fun!"

The photographer fetched some notes, which contained some information about an upcoming event shooting, from his desk, as well as his already packed photo bag and waved at Nino before he hurried away. The latter could hear him saying good bye to Aiba and the other guy in the studio, wishing him "Good luck" which was followed by a stuttered "Tha – Thank you."

Great. Now Nino had to deal with that shit all alone, he thought, sighing. But Jun was right. He was being impolite, another testimony of his non-existent social skills. He should probably try to pull himself together.

Finally, instead of greeting the not-so-stranger, Nino approached him directly, darting sharp eyes at the man as if he planned to stare him down. He might have found it funny that the man retreated a little, instinctively stepping closer to Aiba as if seeking protection, but Nino wasn't in the mood for fun.

"So… let's set things straight," he finally started, crossing his arms as he stopped in front of the business man, glaring at him.

"Eh?" was everything the man could produce.

"Do you have a secret crush on me, or why are you stalking me?" Nino asked directly, scanning the business man strictly from head to toes.

"What?" the business man replied, aghast, before he blushed slightly and obviously became even more nervous than he already was. "Ah uhm," he stumbled. "No, no, I'm not stalking you…"

Critically, the photographer locked eyes with the stranger again, trying to figure out if he was lying. Even if, Nino concluded that no matter what, that shy guy would never be a threat to him, so he probably didn't need to worry at all anyway.

"Good," he slowly replied. "Because I'm not interested."

The guy in suit gulped visibly but didn't reply.

"Alright, so personal matters aside, "Nino continued. "About that model thing -"

"I - I do admire you though...," the suited man suddenly interrupted him, much to the photographer's surprise. The man's cheeks had taken a deep shade of red. "Really..."

"Admire?" Nino repeated, wondering.

"I mean… you're so… cool, you know?" the man started explaining, lifting his hand to rub his neck in a cute gesture. Was that a little smile on his face? "You look so confident, as if nothing in the world could ever disturb you."

Well, Nino thought, he had stopped letting people hurt him years ago. It was all a matter of attitude.

"I - I want to be like that too," the man's voice lowered. "I want you to teach me how I can become as confident and cool as you are."

Nino couldn't help but laugh out loud, earning a surprised look by the man in suit. This was definitely the strangest thing he had ever heard from someone else. "Admiring" was something that Nino definitely didn't bring into connection with himself, neither with his appearance nor his character. There was nothing to admire, definitely not.

His "cool" appearance was all thanks to Aiba who – unasked - was giving him styling tips ever since they started working together, even if Nino never really followed them. It was usually Aiba who gave him nice clothes as presents or pulled him to go shopping together on a rare day off, or cut his hair when it became too long, and stuff like that.

His "confidence" was simply a lack of caring about what other people might think of him. Nino's character was far from cool too. After all, recently he had to accept criticism from his boss, confirming how bad Nino was with people. It was surprising that his attitude, which was more a dried shell to hide Nino's inabilities, seemed to have some appeal to another person, making him even admirable.

Anyway, Jun had misinterpreted the situation (and Nino would rub his mistake on his face). This guy didn't have a crush on Nino. For some strange reason, Nino was simply his role model. Which, admittedly, was kind of flattering, Nino thought. Flattering but unexpected. Who would pick a weird guy like him as a role model?! It was ridiculous... But if it helped Nino to get a model for free, he should probably consider it, he thought.

For now, Nino didn't want to crush that guy's hope by telling him the truth behind his "cool, confident attitude" and so he decided to play along.

"Is there someone you want to impress?" he asked challenging, taking a few steps closer.

"There… no, no one in particular," the man replied, shaking his head. "I just want to overcome my shyness, it's always been... a nuisance and if you can help me –"

"You know that I'm a photographer, not a shrink, right?" the photographer arched an eyebrow.

The man nodded excitedly. "I – I totally know that!"

"I cannot offer you any personality training or anything, but if you become a model for my project, you might probably become more confident with time, if you give your best. I will only take pictures of you," Nino continued. "Boss you around, give instructions on what you have to do in front of the camera. Maybe even yell at you, I can't promise anything else... can you even take that?"

Furrowed eyebrows and clutched hands. "I'll try…"

"You're a strange guy," Nino snorted but for a little tiny moment, he had to admit that he found that strange guy a little tiny bit cute. Maybe.

"I'm sorry…," the other man murmured embarrassed.

"What was your name? Sakurai?"

"Sakurai, yes," the man straightened before bowing at Nino again, quickly. "Sakurai Sho. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Nino sniffed shortly and cleared his throat. "Alright. Sorry for not introducing myself properly. I'm Ninomiya Kazunari."

"I know!" Sakurai replied with a smile, causing Nino to frown critically.

"You're sure you are not a creepy stalker?"

Sakurai blushed, sheepishly. "I promise, I'm not."

"Ok," Nino chuckled. "Then let's work well together."

An incredible smile broke out on Sakurai's face –he probably wouldn't be such a bad choice as a model after all , Nino thought for a moment – before he bowed again, his weird hair getting messed up by the movement. "Thank you, Ninomiya-san, Thank you so much!"

"Aiba?" Nino then addressed his friend who was still standing next to them, witnessing the scene with a broad grin. The photographer gestured at Sakurai who had straightened up again and now looked at the two men, feeling a bit confused. "Your job is called!"

"Aiba Masaki at your service, Nino-chan!" the cheerful stylist replied and lifted his hand to a salute.

"Don't call me –chan, you know I hate it!" Nino grumbled.

"Alright, Nino-sama," Aiba grinned even broader.

"Take Sakurai with you and get lost," the photographer replied, not even bothering to use any honourific for his new model. "Do you think you can do something with… that?"

Sakurai looked a little hurt when Nino pointed at him with his thumb nonchalantly, as if he wasn't an existing person standing there right in front of him, but an ugly thing.

"Well," Aiba said smiling, crossing his arms in front of his chest and letting his eyes take in the view of the man in suit again "You may not be able to see it, Nino, but our friend here is definitely good material."

"Prove yourself," Nino arched a challenging eyebrow at his friend.

"You're gonna be in awe," the other replied with a thumbs-up. "Sakurai-san? Do you have some time right now?"

"Ah, sure, I have the afternoon off," the man nodded.

"Great!" Aiba cheered. "We're going to get you changed and I'll give you a proper hairstyle and then Nino can do some first test shoots, if you agree."

Sakurai looked slightly nervous, but nodded his head in response. "Please, feel free to do anything you want with me."

"Bold," Nino chuckled jokingly.

"I - I mean, I can use any styling tips you come up with and you're free to style me as you see it fit," Sakurai said, blushing and Nino couldn't help but chuckle.

Aiba gave his friend a strict look. "Let me do my miracle. Now Nino, shoo!"

- + -

"Miracle" was indeed the word that popped up Nino's mind when Aiba finally came to get him and pulled him into the styling room, presenting him with his latest creation. He was obviously proud of the outcome.

There was a man, dressed up much more casually and with a fresh hairstyle that made him look like a completely new human being. Nino's jaw literally dropped to the floor at the image that was in front of him – if he hadn't known who this man was supposed to be, he definitely would never have recognised him as that swot Sakurai Sho.

Abandoned was the boring grey suit, replaced by some of Aiba's emergency spare clothes that he used to store in a small suitcase at work, – knowing just too well that men often came underdressed or overdressed to photoshoots – which seemed to fit just too well. Sakurai was now wearing a pair of worn jeans, not too loose, not too tight, as if he was the exact same size as Aiba, and on top he wore a white tank-top highlighted with a long fine chained necklace with a pendant consisting of a simple arrangement of brown feathers that fell over his chest, and an unbuttoned brown shirt with a slightly crinkled collar.

The outfit gave him a natural look, as the brown colours bounded him to earth, and it made the tone of his skin shine in a pleasant color. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up to his elbows and Nino would be lying if he said he wasn't impressed by the surprisingly strong arms of the man.

His black hair was far from the strangely parted plain hairstyle from about an hour before, now his hair looked fresh and trendy. Aiba seemed to have cut it a bit on the sides and around the neck before styling it with a bit of hair wax to give it a ruffled look. Now, with the much wilder styled hair that fell in front of his face, Sakurai reminded Nino more of one of those pretty boyband faces than a boring office worker. His skin didn't look as pale any longer, which meant Aiba had probably added some make up for the coming photoshoot. Andwithout his thick glasses, Nino was now able to see Sakurai's eyes properly – big, round, dark brown eyes which turned into adorable little crescents as soon as the man flashed him a quick, insecure smile.

For a moment, Nino was simply stunned, completely unable to move.

"Ah, sorry," Sakurai moved, his impressive appearance melting into embarrassed movements as the shy business man returned – and quickly leaned to the tables next to him, picking up his glasses, and almost knocking over some of Aiba's styling products in the process. "I have to put them on, I can't see anything without them...," he mumbled.

It didn't matter. Not at all. With his current appearance, even the dark thick-framed glasses fit so perfectly, even giving him a last dose of subtle sexiness. Nino wanted to hit himself with those thoughts and quickly shook his head before his new model addressed and looked up to him again.

"Ninomiya-san, what... what do you think?" Sakurai asked, looking down at himself a bit shyly. "Do you think you can... work with this?" a crooked smile adorned the man's face.

Nino swallowed after having to force his jaw to stick together again.

"Good Job, Aiba," he murmured instead of answering, then he turned to Sakurai. "Are you ready for some test shoots?"

"Uhm, yes," the man stiffened immediately, but followed Nino into the studio without any further hesitation.

Nino tried to distract himself from his thoughts about how damned good that Sakurai-guy was looking, as he searched for a suitable background for the photoshoot. On the wall several panorama background pictures were projected onto a screen, that could be changed with some standard pictures. He chose a natural background showing a cornfield with some wild poppies and corn flowers, and told Sakurai to stand in front of the screen and face the camera. Aiba followed the two of them with a small comb in the one hand and some first-aid make-up supplies stuffed into his waist-apron's pockets. He slightly pushed Sakurai into position and fumbled a bit with his hair, while Nino adjusted the lights and reflectors. He then pulled out his camera from his bag, carefully as usual, patting it slightly with a small smile on his face.

"Now it's our turn to impress," Nino whispered before he fixated his camera on the tripod and took a first glimpse through the lens.

Nino swallowed again. Sakurai looked hot. Undoubtedly. And the natural background he chose matched Aiba's choice for the outfit perfectly. This was definitely something he could work with. His model was probably even much easier to handle than sleepy-face Ohno Satoshi who he picked for Jun.

Nino grinned, suddenly feeling excited and probably tasting a hint of victory on his tongue for the first time in a long while.

Continue with Part 3

More author's notes: Hey everybody, it's Wednesday and that mans, update day! ^^ I hope you all ended 2016 and started 2017 well! Good luck this year with everything you need, good health and success! :D

Thanks for all of your comments on my last chapter, I'm delighted to see that you guys seem to like my new story and I hope, you also enjoyed this chapter! Let me know in the comments down below and I'll read you soon! ^.^/


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Thank you so much for your comment! :D I'm happy you enjoyed this chapter ^^ Haha yeah Nino has to watch out not to fall for his model lol
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Finally Ohno made his appearance here, and... yeah Ohno is really Ohno XD and Sho finally can talk freely with his 'idol' thanks to Jun!! XD Sho's just super cute here x3 I hope he can overcome his shyness and face Nino more bravely and confidently (≧∀≦) can't wait to see more Sho and Nino's relationship in the future!! ( *´︶`*)

Thanks for updating dear and can't wait for next week!! XD

Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 12:52 pm (UTC)
Hey dear, thanks a lot for your comment! Haha yes, there is he, Oh-chan being Oh-chan, right? XD

It's really fun to write cute and shy Sho, since I usually portray him much more confident and strong. This time it's like tables have switched and Nino is well not really, but a bit more the cool one XD Well, let's see for how long :3

See you next week! <3
Yuki: Yoshimotohana_jae on January 5th, 2017 12:47 am (UTC)
I knew it!
Sho's like Nino and will do everything for him <3
and let see what will happen to our Nino whe he absolutely relize that the boring office man before him is the hottest ever ;D
Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 12:53 pm (UTC)
Weeelll does he like him or does he admire him? That might be two different things, or not, we'll see :3

Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment and stay tuned! ^^ See you next week! <3
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oohooho I see Oh-chan! the sleepy freelance painter fits his image soo well, it could be his job if he wasnt in Arashi. and here comes Sho-chan! you know, i think my imagination is going.. i cant quite imagine how he looks like at the photoshoot hmmm if you would be so kind as to provide me something to jog my imagination a ittle, maybe a pic? it would help me immensely, pwetty please~~~~ XD

I want to be amazed and have my jaws drop like Nino did! Aiba you miracle man you. Thank you for revealing Sho's inner sexiness! and thank you Sho for coming out of your shell, go and impress the admirable Nino-chan.

Thank you Sky for the update, and i cant wait for the next one, maybe with pictures? XP hey, i am a small kid and small kids love stories with pictures.

Much love<3
Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 12:56 pm (UTC)
Yesss it's Oh-chan haha and I agree, I could imagine him being a street artist/ freelance painter too xD

I'll try to post reference pictures of Sho's before and after make over with the next chapter, just have to check where I have the pictures that I have in mind...

You're very welcome about the chapter, I'm happy you enjoyed it and hope to see you next week =) Thanks for your comment! <3
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lol sleepy-faced Ohno :)
Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 12:56 pm (UTC)
As Ohno as he can be ^.^
yumi_usagi: Sakumiyayumi_usagi on January 5th, 2017 06:10 am (UTC)
I have been waiting for Wednesday to come! I still remember you usually update at noon (my time zone) so I checked at noon and yay there's update but I couldn't read until night. I swear I thought about this chapter the whole time I couldn't read Lol
I love this chapter so much!
Sho is so cute! Hehe shy Sho is definitely new.
When I read Jun said Sho had a crush on Nino and maybe he was stalking Nino, I thought yay I was right. But then it turned out Sho just admired Nino Lol Hehe but after this chapter, I think Nino would fall for Sho first. Nino thought Sho was cute and hot XD
My favorite part was when Sho followed Nino into the elevator and fell Lol and also this conversation:
"Aiba Masaki at your service, Nino-chan!" the cheerful stylist replied and lifted his hand to a salute.

"Don't call me –chan, you know I hate it!" Nino grumbled.

"Alright, Nino-sama," Aiba grinned even broader.

"Take Sakurai with you and get lost,"

Nino is also cute, talking with his camera <3 And I can see you hinted something happened to Nino in the past that made Nino doesn't want to be hurt by people anymore.
Thank you so much for updating! I can't wait for next Wednesday! Also, best wishes for you in 2017 <3

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Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 01:02 pm (UTC)
Hey dear, thanks for leaving such a lovely comment :D I'm happy to read that you were enjoying this so much ^.^ The conversation between Nino and Aiba is quite fun, isn't it? Nino is kinda bitchy but well xD He loves his friend <3

It's also really fun to portray Sho as the shy and clumsy one here, since usually I write him as a much stronger, more confident, almost perfect character. But I love Sho's dorky side too so I wanted to write about it here ^^

And Nino talking to his camera, I imagine his camera being his best friend so to say (besides Aiba of course lol). He's quite antisocial but he's sensitive. He's talking to objects as if they were his friends. It might be a little strange but I like that. I mean, a lot of things we keep are precious to us. Either because they are very convenient or because we cannot live without them anymore or because we received them by people who are important to us. Like for example, when I recently accidentally smashed a glas tea pot which I once received from my mother, I even cried because it felt like such a loss... no, I'm not weird, am I?

True, I'm updating Wednesday evenings (my time) so... let me count back... in which time zone are you? Something American? Sorry, I'm a mess with time zones, did I count into the right direction? XD

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and see you next week! <3
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First yeayyyyyy!~~ for the update ...

Sho volunteering himself and admiring Nino .omg-- that's so cute ...
❤💛 he is so shy .. I hope he is still seme
And Nino the one uke in this story . .huhu

Prepare your heart Nino !! The hot man in in the air now *thanks to miracle boy* 😍 ... I know you can resist his hotness ..
And don't underestimate That sleepy face guy .. .. ..

Happy New Year ..💝

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Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 01:06 pm (UTC)
Yeiii I say thanks for your lovely comment! :D I'm happy you enjoyed the chapter and find Sho cute ^.^ It's getting dangerous for Nino, isn't it? Haha XD

Ah... and let me tell you one thing. Sho will ALWAYS be seme in my Sakumiya fics and Nino will ALWAYS be seme in all of my fics. I really do have my preferences here :3

Hope to see you next week! Thanks again! <3
yun: sakumiyayun_miyake on January 6th, 2017 02:32 am (UTC)
Eeee?? why this chapter is so short? I need more hehe
wow, there are a lot of development in this chapter, I never expected the painter would be Ohno, but I'm so happy they found him on that street and asked him right away :) I think Jun needs to change him in many ways in order to make him look like a real model.

About Nino, fiuh,
he seems to be so anti social and doesn't want to be involved in people's business. He even doesn't care how he looks like (thank God that Aiba is there for him)
Maybe he needs to put more efforts to win the competition, even though he doesn't want to be a boss (who wants a boss like him? oops)

I can imagine how Sho looks like in this story, his hairstyle is the same as in Pikanchi 2,5 LOL. But Aiba has transformed him into a gorgeous man and he made Nino's jaw drop!! I can't wait until Nino gave up on Sho's charm hehehe

But I was a little disappointed when Sho said that he stalked Nino because he admired Nino's style, I expected him to have a crush on Sho :))
But maybe you will put it later on

thanks for this, Sky
I can't wait for the next chapter :)
Skysky_fish7 on January 6th, 2017 01:14 pm (UTC)
Awww... I'm so sorry! I think I have the tendency to make first chapters quite long so the second chapter somehow often looks quite short compared to it XD But I can tell you that the third is longer again =)

Haha Jun will be tested by Oh-chan, just like it will be a challenge for Nino to handle Sho =) He's really antisocial in this story and has trouble to interact properly with other people. He's gotten used to his friends from work, but that's pretty much it and yeah, right now, he's nothing like a boss, right? XD It will be interesting how he deals with Sho from now on, right?

Yeah, Sho's style from Pikanchi 2.5 would fit here, I agree. The one I had more in mind was his style from Nice na Kokoroiki though xD But the styles are kinda similar, ne? And his after styling look... I'll try to find the pics I had in mind and post them with the next chapter then ^^

Well, Sho is shy, right? It was OK for him though to admit that he admires Nino. If it means more but he couldn't say it yet, especially after Nino kind of rejected him right away, I don't know... but we'll find out more about it in the future, for sure ^.^

Thanks for your lovely comment, dear and see you next week! <3
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aa, hot sho.... i want to see him :D

happy new year, Sky. I wish all the best for you, and many sakumiya from you this year :D thank you always
Skysky_fish7 on January 7th, 2017 11:13 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment! ^^

Good luck to you too, thank you! I'll try my best to provide my readers with lots of Sakumiya also this year :3
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Yeah ! Sho and Ohno are here ! And they are the two models !
Nino is not very nice with Sho but he starts to be attract to him !
I wonder if Sho like Nino or simply admire him ? Because it's a little strange to stalke a person that you admire !
I can't wait to read what will happen between them !

Thank you for this chapter and happy new year !
Skysky_fish7 on January 8th, 2017 02:25 pm (UTC)
Yes, now the real challenge begins xD Let's see who's going nuts first, Jun or Nino LOL Ah, don't mind me. It'll be interesting though to see if and what progress Nino and Sho will make. I hope you'll stay tuned and thanks a lot for dropping by and leaving a comment! =) Good luck to you in 2017 ^^
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Wowowowowow!!! Poor Sho xDD. I wanna know about him mooooooore!!! And Sho's character is fun to read because usually he's portrayed as a confident man xDDD. Can't wait to see his transformation. ❤❤❤

I hope Nino will admit (at least to himself) that he's attracted to Sho's new appearance, haha.

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Skysky_fish7 on January 8th, 2017 02:26 pm (UTC)
Yes, poor Sho ^^" There he's taking the chance to talk to his admired person and then Nino dumps him right away xD

It's indeed fun to write Sho like that because usually I really portray him as strong and confident. But his dorky side is so cute too, I couldn't resist. ^^

See you next chapter then :D Thanks for your comment! <3