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21 May 2012 @ 09:28 pm
[Review] Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-1st Album Review  
I know, I know... it's been a while since the album release XD But... since I had to wait so long for my delivery (>.< stupid customs) and I promised to write a review for a German internet platform I would like to take the chance and share this with you too! =) I hope you're interested! ^^

Soooo.... Finally! After waiting for my delivery for believe it or not more than a month (don't know what took so long, the package didn't took THAT long from the customs office to my place and in the end I didn't have to pay custom fees either! *__*) so finally I could listen to this long awaited debut album of the JE group Kis-My-Ft2! I have to say I was REALLY looking forward to this since their debut single and so I'm even more happy to tell you that I really did NOT get disappointed at all!

First of all I have to say that this review got originally written for a blog which belongs to a German internet platform dealing with Japanese culture and entertainment business in general, called "Japanshrine". If you're able to read German, please feel free to continue reading the German version of this  and of course you're welcome to join our platform as well! ^^

Before I start telling you a few details to each song of the CD (of course these are only opinions of an amateur but I like thinking a bit about the songs and sharing my opinion with you) I'll provide a few general information about the album to you! The album has got the title „Kis-My-1st“ which is really fitting to the groups name! =) The CD came out on March 28, 2012 and so far sold about 300,409 copies according to generasia! Really good sales – and the album is still charting! I'm curious how many copies they manage to sell until the end!
Something special of the album is, that there is not only a regular edition (RE) but in addition two further limited editions (LEs)! If I did get this right from my experience it's common for JE album releases to release an album in two versions – RE and one LE but this time it was a bit different! (Please correct me if I'm wrong xD)

Since the RE comes with two additional bonus tracks to the album's general tracklist which are not featured on LE A and LE B, the LEs have got other really interesting material! LE A provides a bonus DVD, LE B a bonus CD! Further there was ANOTHER additional version of the album which can only get bought in the Kisumai shop. This version includes the normal tracklist (like LE A and LE B) but comes with another bonus DVD featuring the bonus clip „Ashiato“ (which means „footprints“ in English – maybe a hint to the pronunciation of the „Ft2“ in „Kis-my-Ft2“) which is some kind of documentary/interview with each member of the group and short scenes filming them making footprints of their initials onto white fabric with their feet plunged in color. Really nice idea, isn't it? =) For those who are interested – this is the Cover of this version of the CD.

Kis-My-1st Kisumai Shop Version

I bought LE B so this is the version I will tell you most about but since the other versions are really interesting as well, I cannot resist and so I'll tell you a bit about them too! I'll write a bit more about the 2 bonus tracks of the RE later on so let's start with the tracklists and then a few words for LE A!

LE A Cover
CD Tracklist (for LE A and LE B)

1. "1st" Overture
2. Girl is mine
4. タビダチノウタ (Tabidachi no uta )
5. Love meee
6. 『蛹』 (Sanagi )
7. Catch & Go!!
8. Everybody Go
9. Take Over
10. Kickin' it
11. Sing for you
12. We never give up!
13. Good Night

Bonus tracks (RE only)

14. Dancing Star
15. Tell me why

DVD Tracklist (LE A only)
1. FIRE BEAT Music Video
2. 祈り Music Video
3. FIRE BEAT/ 祈り Making Movie
4. Kis-My-Ft2 History

The DVD of LE A comes with 2 PVs – the PVs of the popular predebut songs „Inori“ and „Fire Beat“ which already got released as MP3s on a Japanese site some time ago even before the official CD-debut of the group. Further there is a making of for the PVs and a track called „Kis-My-Ft2 History“ which turned out as some kind of documentary about the debut of the group, featuring video material of the debut's announcement, jacket shootings for the cover and filming sequences of the debut single's PV „Everybody Go“ and more. This material got mixed with interview parts of each of the seven members of Kisumai – Kitayama Hiromitsu, Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, Tamamori Yuta and Nikaido Takashi. They talk about their debut and the feelings about this, about the time after the debut and much more.

If course I watched the PVs too and I really like them a lot! They may be a bit „weaker“ as the single's PVs (they are much more complex in setting and stuff) but the costumes and the settings are really nice too! So while listening to the wonderful ballade „Inori“ we've got lots of time to drool for our seven boys XD (ah of course they could show the other members expect from Fujigaya, Kitayama and Tamamori a bit more too but well... you all know the dilemma of the group...) and „Fire Beat“ is in the truest sense of the word simply „hot“! Not only because of the pretty well done fire special effects but also because of the really hot boys (and outfits and aaah... Mitsu's hair!! XD) as well as the really hot choreography!So... these were my 2 cents (or even a bit more =P) for LE A. Let's continue with LE B! Since this is the version I bought, I'll show you a few pictures I took of it! So you can get a better view of the release if you did not buy the album or at least not this version.

So... that were my 2 cents (or even a bit more =P) for LE A. Let's continue with LE B! Since this is the version I bought, I'll show you a few pictures I took of it! So you can get a better view of the release if you did not buy the album or at least not this version.

LE B Cover

LE Backcover (+ Tracklist)

CD Kis-My-1st

I have to say I really like the design of the CD! The cover is really nice (well I like the cover of LE A even a bit more but even the one for LA B is really great!) and the back cover is really aesthetic in my opinion. The design of the CDs themselves is really well done too! The gold and black print onto the CDs looks pretty cool and fits to the rest of the design. And of course the booklet is really well done! (Each CD version comes with a differend booklet so the following photographs are only from LE B) Somehow it's a bit unusual – but I really like this – that the CD comes with 3 booklets to be correct! The first one featuring the cover is some kind of a mini photobook with adorable solo pictures of the members as well as really good looking group shots.

Further there are the other two booklets. These are made of really thin paper (so watch up and don't ruin them! XD) featuring only the lyrics! I really like this distribution of photos and lyrics. One booklet is for the general tracklist of „Kis-My-1st“, the other is for the bonus CD „Kis-My-Zero“ which comes only with LE B.

So let's take a closer look. What makes LE B so special? Of course it's – like I already mentioned – the bonus CD with the fitting title „Kis-My-Zero“ (simple but hits the nail on the head!) which includes 8 predebut songs of the group!

CD Kis-My-Zero
LE B (CD 2) Tracklist

1. Endless Road
2. 祈り (Inori)
3. Kis-My-Me-Mine
4. Good-bye, Thank you
6. Smile
7. 永遠のチケット (Eien no Ticket)
8. 3D Girl

So... I think we can get started with my thoughts and opinions about the different songs! I thought of listening to the songs in chronological order so I started with the predebut songs and will then continue with the regular album tracks followed by the 2 bonus tracks. Please note that in reviews of this kind I always try to describe the songs a bit to you. It's not only about the voices and the music or the instruments used and the style of the song but I try to convey my feelings which gets triggered by the different songs as well. Some kind of mixture from what I notice while listening and what else comes up to my mind xD. Of course I'm just an amateur so please keep this in mind while reading and enjoy! Maybe you've got some similar feelings too and want to share your experience with me afterwards!


1. Endless Road

Our journey starts with „Endless Road“. It's a slower but really atmospheric and impressive song I think! Every time I listen to the melody and the background music I get this picture of endless beautiful landscapes in my head... yeah maybe my phantasy carries me away a little too much but this gives me the feeling that makes me think that this song could be really fitting as a movie soundtrack's song xD Haha... after the slow verses the melody grows to a pretty melodic and pleasant chorus. The song is quite happy and makes you wanna sing along. I think it's one of the best predebut songs of the group!

2. 祈り(Inori) (PV link)

The next song is really wonderful... a ballade but not too slow. „Inori“ got already released before the debut of the boys together with „Fire Beat“ as a digital single and now we finally get it on CD! „Inori“ has got a really memorable melody and like every other song it is dominated by the great vocals of Hiromitsu and Taisuke who already starts the song with a feeling a capella verse until the music and Hiromitsu join and Kento provides the first rap parts (which is special since most of the time Taisuke is the main rapper of Kisumai but in this song the rap is done by Kento). Until the chorus the verses build up. In the chorus the song displays his fullest haunting melody quality. This song was one of the songs I learned the lyrics the fastest simply because I listened to it so often (and I think I'll never get enough of „Inori“!) =)

The background music of this song is really beautiful. I like the picked guitar very much as well as the added strings and the gentle but nevertheless propulsive beat of the drums. Especially at a later part of the song when Hiromitsu sings the guitar gets played picky and joins the vocals really accentuated. I really love this part - sounds brilliant! Then later on in the bridge there is a really great electric guitar solo.

What I want to point out about this song (even if it does not really relate to the CD) is that there is another (in my opinion even more impressive – yeah, you would not believe it!) version of this song – the performance of the PLAYZONE 2009 stageplay! Who wants to take a look at this brilliant song with a really great instrumental with a taste of Japanese traditional instruments and topped with a really great samurai fighting performance of Kisumai on their roller skates (sounds weird but actually its not that weird XD) should really watch this performance!

3. Kis-My-Me-Mine

The next song is really catchy too and I think especially at concerts it's a great song! It's really cheerful and makes you happy =) Especially the chorus and the rap parts with the „kiss me, kiss me *smmmmmmack* is really cute! XD And the rap part in the middle of the song is really entertaining! I think this song is not the best song ever but like I said especially at concerts it's a real entertainer.

4. Goodbye, Thank you

The next ballad comes with „Goodbye, Thank you“. This is a slower but really beautiful song too which I really liked before listening to at concerts. The melody in the background is beautiful and I like the wind section, the piano and the drums a lot. What I like even more is the distribution of the lines in the verses. One voice starts with solo lines and then gets joined by another voice until the vocals switch to this second singer. And I really like that not only Hiromitsu and Taisuke get solo lines in this song but we can also hear the other members! I'm so happy about hearing Kento and Nika-chan! Especially Nika-chan has got a great voice – I think he really gets underestimated! His voice has got something really special and I would love to hear more of it!

5. FIRE BEAT (PV link)

The contrary of the previous song comes along with „Fire Beat“ which provides even more energy and especially – ROCK! A genre which really fits Kis-My-Ft2! I think they should make use of it even more often! =P So let's get started – this song really invites you to rock your socks off! XD I really love Hiromitsu's and Taisuke's voices in songs like this because they both are great in playing with their voices. So they can fit to a wide genre of songs. Hiromitsu's voice is a bit more rock sound and naturally harsh so songs like this are really ideal for him but also Taisuke's changeable voice is great! He often varies from soulful to rock sound/dirty and especially the rapped verses by him are brilliant! Also the heavy used electric guitar and drums in the background invite me to feeling the desire to headbang xD lol.

Ah... just a short additional information – this song (with a little changing of the lyrics from „Fire Beat“ to „Number One“) was used as the theme song for the dorama „Misaki No. One“, starring Taisuke and Hiromitsu! (Yupp this has been covered advertising so if you don't know it so far – go watch the dorama! XD)

6. Smile

Unfortunately with the next song we already have to say good bye to Rock-Kisumai but therefore we get presented a solid and a bit slower pop number. There is a really interesting contrast within the song – the slow background music (with nice guitar sound and stuff) and the faster rap-vocals in the verses as well as in the chorus. All in all this is a really chilling and nice song. I like it =)

7. 永遠のチケット (Eien no Ticket)

This is another ballade on this bonus CD. „Eien no Ticket“ starts with a piano and get's backed up with a slight drum beat which sounds like a heartbeat within the verses. Full of emotions like always Taisuke starts the song with his solo lines, then Hiromitsu joins and also the other members get some lines (yeeeei, Nika-chan!! XD). Especially I like the harmonized up building part of the chorus which is sung by Hiromitsu and Taisuke together. Then the song divides into a really nice chorus with a log of harmonies. Hiromitsu's high notes in there are great!

8. 3D Girl (Song link)

The last song on „Kis-My-Zero“ - „3D Girl“ is more upbeat and energetic again and invites you to dance with its disco sound! The song is really catchy – especially the chorus but I like the verses very much as well! I think there is a lot of mixing used and some parts sound like hard autotune but I think this sound really fits to a lot of Kisumai's songs and this is one of those songs. There are also a feeeeeew lines by the other boys but well Hiromitsu and Taisuke are guiding this song as well (not that I mind since I love their voices so much xD). That's what I like about the older songs of Kisumai – compared to the singles you really hear the voices of Miyata, Nika-chan, Yokoo and Senga too! =)

So after this let's continue with the actual album! =D


1. „1st“ Overture

This song presents us a real interesting introduction for this album... it sounds spacy and trance sound and you notice from the beginning that you will need rhythm for this CD! =) The disco sound which starts fits really well because a lot of songs of the album really invite you to dancing and to shake it up! ^.~ But there is not just such simple disco beat and stuff but first of all great melodies and arrangements. In this intro we now get to hear warped voices in the background pronouncing the groups name in English – in correct English XD So you not hear „Kisumaihuttotsu“ but it sounds like the name really would sound pronounced correctly in English. Somehow... strange... I think I'll stick with the “Engrish” pronunciation, sounds much more likeable lol =P

After a short countdown we really get rushed do the next song!

2. Girl is mine (Song link)

This is the first „real“ song of the album (since there is no singing in the intro and stuff) „Girl is mine“ and it connects seamless onto the fading countdown of the intro! So the journey begins! „Girl is mine“ already starts with a great disco sound which invites you to bounce together with the group – at least this was what I was feeling ^^. Taisuke makes a real great start with a few English rap parts shortly after there follows already the chorus for the first time! The melody seems to be pretty easy to follow but together with the background music it sounds really impressive! Taisuke starts the first verse with solo lines, followed by Hiromitsu who gets backed up with harmonies which builds up the tension of the verse even more. With a beautiful guitar sound in the background the verses build up until the song comes with some kind of alternate version of the chorus which we already got to know from the beginning.

For me this is a really interesting part of the song! Let's see if I can explain this correctly... The chorus „the girl is mine, mine, mine...“ exists in 2 versions, which only differ from each other in the beginning with the sequence of three notes, one time the melody follows the notes from the lowest to the highest, the other time its the other way round but still with the same notes. This is a pretty simple trick but really impressive! Unbelievable how the feeling changes which gets provided. This must be because of the matched background melody. In the first version of the chorus (when the notes go from the highest down) it sounds more dramatic and pretty cool... it it's the other way round, the chorus sounds pretty cheerful. After the chorus follows the next verse – same pattern as in the beginning but this time Hiromitsu starts with his solo lines and Taisuke joins later on. I think that the other boys of the group provide the harmonies in this song, like it was common in the single releases till now. Unfortunately I don't really hear all of their voices every time, especially when they sing in groups gut I hope I'll get used to it some day so that I can assign all voices to their owner even in groups.

I really like this song! It's a really great song with the every time great vocal lead of Taisuke and Hiromitsu. Both of them harmonize vocally so well, it's unbelievable! I love them singing together, really! Of course it's sad that the other boys don't get so much lines because of the dominating vocals by the front singers but when I hear Taisuke and Hiromitsu singing together I really have got nothing to complain about! XD So my comment in short – really cool song and pretty genius introduction to this album! =)

3. SHE!HER!HER! (3rd Single)

Up next is the latest and 3rd single of Kis-my-Ft1 - „SHE!HER!HER!“. Like every single until now this song is really poppy and also cheerful. The verses sound a bit more dramatic tough. Of course Taisuke and Hiromitsu are leading the vocals again but also Yuta (you know who - the third one in the front) gets a few solo lines like in the previous releases, while the other 4 boys are only allowed to provide background vocals. One of my favorite parts of this song are the talked/whispered „She! Her! Her! She! Her! Her! She! Her! Her!“ - that's pretty cool! The background music fades out almost completely at this parts and only the drumbeat (from a synthesizer I guess but who complains? XD) join these parts. This makes a pretty cool contrast to the verses who have got a really beautiful melody laid under, providing a feeling which returns in the chorus as well even if it sounds more powerful then. I have to say I really like this song, especially Taisuke's rapping parts – every time one of my highlights in a single! Even though this song does not really count to my absolute favorites. Maybe I listened a bit too much to the song since it's a single... would be possible XD

4. タビダチノウタ (Tabidachi no uta / Departure song) (Song link)

Also the next song makes you wanna dance! In the background there is a pretty cool guitar sound which makes the song feeling a bit more rock sound. I think the mixture of the different sounds makes a really great one! So the verse starts... with Hiromitsu's solo lines in the beginning, joined by the other boys later on. Then Taisuke shows us another cool rap where Yuta joins afterwards and even Hiromitsu. Together all of the boys sing the really catchy and melodic chorus! The song is not that fast regarding at the vocals but isn't really slow either. The background music is pretty fast actually. I think this is a really great pop song! I also like that the other boys get a few more lines again here. What I think is really great of this song too is the contrast between the chorus/verses and the rapped bridge which is pretty cool! Somehow the rap reminds me a bit on an opening of the Bleach anime, I think it's the first opening by orange Range or something like that XD and not to forget – the catchyness! Really entertaining! =) The boys are pretty good!

5. Love meee (Fujigaya Taisuke) (Song link)

After this song the next one starts a bit calmer... yeah, only starts! The next song is Taisuke's solo song „Love meee“ and it starts with a really beautiful melody which makes you thinking about some kind of music box melody. But the calm beginning leads you to the wrong path which you will get when you hear the starting of the disco-like background music then! So this song is not really a ballad but even more a really great song fitting for disco visits! I think this song is really typical for Taisuke if you know his prior solo song I guess. This sound really fits him!

So then... let's dream about getting kidnapped by Taisuke who takes us to the disco and bedazzles us with his great voice! I think it's pretty obvious why this talented boy is one of the front singers in this group! Taisuke's voice does not only sound good but first of all is really emotional and changeable in a great way! He can sing pretty clearly and „beautiful“ but then there is the other side of his voice. He really manages to let it sound breathy and rock sound too and he's a really cool rapper too! In this song he really plays a lot with his voice – that makes it so interesting! The chorus starts really melodic but then get's ended with some minimal melody I think which makes a great contrast within the chorus and really gets provided very well because of the great harmonies and background music! Also worth to point it out are Taisuke's high notes shortly before the chorus starts! In the middle of the song there is some kind of break and the music box melody from the beginning shows up again then follows a really impressive bridge followed by the cool chorus. Taisuke with this song you really flashed me! For me it's one of the best songs on this album!

6. 『蛹』 (Sanagi / Chrysalis) (Kitayama Hiromitsu) (Song link)

So we're up with the next (second and last) solo song of the album! But now we leave the hot disco and follow Hiromitsu with his solo into some kind of rock bar (or so xD) because with this song we get Hiromitsu's full potential regarding his brilliant rock sound voice! The beginning of the song promises a lot (btw somehow the intro reminds me on the Arashi single „Wild at Heart“ - it sounds similar with the guitars and stuff... but then the songs are totally different tough). As already told Hiromitsu's voice really fits rock. I love it! He plays with his voice even more than in other songs and it just sounds brilliant! Especially I love the parts shortly before the chorus starts, shortly after the talked parts and of course the chorus itself. Also the background music is brilliant. The bass, electric guitar and the thunderstorm of drums are great. Then at one part the instruments nearly completely fail and we get to hear Hiromitsu's beautiful voice even more clearly. Then the full rock power returns at the end and the song explodes a further time. Well... I stop flailing – how much have I to tell about it anyways? XD I think it's clear that this song is one of my favorite songs of this album!

7. Catch & Go!! (Yokoo Wataru / Miyata Toshiya / Nikaido Takashi / Senga Kento)

So let's continue with the next song. It is much more cheerful and poppy but of course this is not bad! =P This number gets performed by these four boys who don't really have the chance to shine in the singles so it is something special of course! I'm really happy to hear more of Nika-chan – I really love his voice! At the concert performances I know he really won my interest so I was really curious how he would sound on CD. Or course it's a bit different but it's great! Also Miyata's and Kento's voice I already hear clearly but Yokoo is somehow a bit hard to recognize for me so far. I hope this will get better in the future when we get to hear more from him =) For those who don't know the voices of the boys well, here I tell you the order of appearance in the first verse. The verse starts with Kento, then it's Nika-chan, followed by Miyata and finally Yokoo.

As I already told you this song is really cheerful and i think the lyrics provide this feeling as well. In the beginning it's „Look up the future is bright, oh baby“ so it seems to be really motivating and stuff. Maybe the song sounds a bit different than the other (most of them pretty cool and rock sound and disco feeling) songs but it's really good too! Maybe the chorus is a bit annoying if you listen too often to the song but it's also really catchy (well I guess this goes hand in hand sometimes XD One day I woke up the first thing that came up my mind was this song and I started the day with a happy feeling ^^). I also like the strings in the back ground!

8. Everybody Go (1st Single)

Of course this song is not supposed to be missed either! Kis-My-Ft2's first single „Everybody Go“ - a really great song with beautiful background music. It's pretty poppy but also dancy so I think this makes it a bit different from the rest of the charts somehow. The song got used as the intro for the J-dorama „Ikemen Desu Ne“ from last summer in which Taisuke and Yuta were part of the cast. Even because I heard „Everybody Go“ a lot because of this I can't get enough of it! =) So I think it's a pretty good song for a debut single! The verses are really good, I love the vocal lead of Taisuke and Hiromitsu. Also Yuta gets a few parts and supports the front singers with pretty low harmonies (sounds uncommon but makes a pretty cool effect!). Or course the chorus is really catchy! I'd like to dance right now XD

9. Take Over


And now please join me headbanging and rocking all night long! At this part I proudly present to you one of the coolest songs of this album imo – "Take Over"! So this is a song I'll call Kisumai's rock anthem“ from now on XD I think somehow this description of the song is really fitting to the character of the song. I love this song because it's so damned rock sound! Of course the instruments and the brilliant background music provide a lot but also the voices of the boys are just great! This is a song where they really show that they also can sing other songs from pop-songs. This should be called Kis-My-Rock, ladies and gentlemen! XD Especially Hiromitsu's and Taisuke's voices fit this song perfectly! The rapping and the building music in the background with drums, electric guitars and – for a cool contrast – strings sound great. What I really like about the rap parts (Taipi!!! XD) is that at some parts there are melodic harmonies. Sounds really effective and somehow mysterious. And of course not to forget to mention – the last third of the song sounds like a real metal song! XD Kisumai scream like crazy and the electric guitar thunderstorm (inclusive pretty cool guitar solo) are pretty cool! Which idol band does something like that?! *WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAH* Just brilliant! I don't know what you think but for me this is one of the best Kisumai songs ever!
10. Kickin' it (Kitayama Hiromitsu / Fujigaya Taisuke / Tamamori Yuta) (Song link)
The next song does not have to hide either! It sounds lighter and cheerfuller than „Take Over“ but nevertheless I would count „Kickin' it“ to the pop-rock genre. And I really want to sing and dance to this song since it's so full of energy and catchy! I think this song is brilliant in a various kind of aspects. The song is catchy, it's rock sound and poppy and somehow it reminds me on American pop-rock style I really like too! I think when the lyrics of this song would be completely in English and it would get played on the radio here in Europe or in America – it would be a hit single! (I showed this song to my mum and she really liked it! XD haha) This song has got everything – cool and fast verses, rap parts, a lot of „wow wows“ in the background, a really catchy melody, rock sound instruments, the disco sound and of course those brilliant voices of Hiromitsu and Taisuke which make this song living even more! Great! (Argh... do I have to mention that Yuta has also a feeeeew parts in this song? Well... it could be a duet tough... sorry, Tama-chan... >.>)

11. Sing for you (Tamamori Yuta / Miyata Toshiya / Senga Kento)
After that the poppy sound develops even more! This time Yuta stays for the vocals (and we hear him much more than in Kickin' it) and gets joined by Miyata and Kento to make it a pretty good sounding trio! The chorus is really easy to listen and I like this song even if it's not that impressing than other songs on the album. Of course I'm really glad that Miyata and Kento get the chance to show more of their talent here. But I also wonder... why is it that Nika-chan and Yokoo were not able to sing in another song as well? ;____; They could not really show much about their talent this way, that's pretty sad! How did the management (or whoever) decide about that? XD Did they play rock paper scissor or what?! >.> Nyo... I hope they can sing more the next time. Would be really glad since I think that Kisumai's “background dancers” have pretty good voices too!

12. We never give up! (2nd Single)

The next song is the second single of Kisumai „We never give up!“ and the last single featured on this album. I have to say that I really like this song but sometimes I can't listen to it XD I don't know why, maybe I just listened already too much to it. The song is really poppish but a bit slower than „Everybody Go“ and for me it has not that much character like the 3rd single „SHE!HER!HER!“. Nevertheless this is a really good song and I like the verses and the bridge best. I also like the harmonies in the chorus which give the song a bit more depth. It's not my favorite single but it's not bad either!

13. Good Night

With „Good Night“ Kisumai presents us the only real ballad of the album. Most of the time I don't like ballads that much but there are expectations all the time and I think this song is definitely one of them! The beautiful piano sound in the beginning lets us begin dreaming and Taisuke makes a really good start with his voice full of emotions. Also Hiromitsu follows and I think his voice is pretty fitting to ballads too! This makes hearts melt! Even if Kisumai fits the most to rock songs and disco-poppish songs I think that they are really great with ballads too! At the ending the tension builds up another time when Taisuke provides us a beautiful solo part and even Yuta get's a really good part with only a few background music. The song fades out in a really beautiful and dreamy way, I really like it... So even if you don't like ballads that much you should give this song definitely a chance!

Well... this is the last song on LE A and LE B but if you bought the RE it's not the end since two additional bonus tracks follow! I listened to them too so I want to say a few words about these two songs as well.

14. Dancing Star (RE Bonus track)

Out of the silence of the previous song's fading now I get led into a warm summer night. The song guides me in my phantasy into the city, twilight and a summer thunderstorm come along with the evening. There is screetching followed by the sound of sirens then the beat starts together with harmonies which we also will discover again later on in the chorus. So the exceptions get build from the beginning. Then the melody of the really catchy verses starts. Hiromitsu begins with a few solo lines, then Taisuke takes over but get's accompanied with harmonies which builds a lot of tension. Then it's Yuta's turn and the background music get's more powerful until Taisuke guides us into the chorus. After a short pause the chorus develops his full power. In addition to the catchy melody and harmonies there is the sound of bursting glass and shouts in the background. The Chorus sounds like an explosion I think. The Sirens join too... then the pattern of the verse gets repeated and the thunder storm of the chorus as well. Shortly before the bridge even more instruments join the bridge itself contains of a pretty cool rap. Then we get a really cool guitar solo followed by the chorus again. In the end there is the sound of sirens again, the noise of the rain too and then the song fades out. I really love this song! It's cool and really creative in my opinion!

15. Tell my why (RE Bonus track) (Song link)

So the really last song now comes with a bit lighter and slower notes. It begins with a piano, Hiromitsu raps a bit then Taisuke joins the first verse followed by the others providing harmonies. It does not last long until we get to know the chorus which is really really catchy! I love the strong harmonies and the „echo effect“ which gets used in the chorus. Regarding to voices we also hear the other boys a bit even if Hiromitsu and Taisuke dominate the vocals like always. As usual Yuta gets a few solo lines as well. At the ending the chorus builds up even more and Taisuke's voice can shine again and concludes the song. For me this song is not that strong like „Dancing Star“ but it's really great too and definitely one of my favorites!

I am really happy that I bought LE B! I really think Kisumai's predebut songs are worth the money! For fans this is really like a dream coming true – getting songs which are only known from converts finally on CD! I'm really happy about „Inori“, „Fire Beat“, „Endless Road“, „Goodbye, Thank you“ and „3D Girl“ in special... well... I'm happy about all of the songs XD Seems like I'm really easy to get carried away... =) But I really thing fans did the right choice with LE B. Of course with the other versions too! The PVs of „Inori“ and „Fire Beat“ are really great and also „Kis-My-History“ is really interesting (at least for fans who can understand Japanese well enough XD). I love the bonus tracks too so the RE is a really good choice too!

All in all I think Kisumai has kept a lot of their predebut sound but also developed a lot and made use of their strong points for getting even more power! I recognize the Kisumai of „Fire Beat“ in „Take Over“ and even if „Good Night“ is not that brilliant as „Inori“, the boys show that they are really strong with ballads too! I think the songs got faster in their number and compared to the predebut songs there are more songs which really invite you to dance or which provide a rock sound feeling. Kisumai takes the right path with this various but recognizable sound I guess! Of course also our talented boys themselves (all of them) and their voices (especially Hiromitsu's and Taisuke's voices) add a lot to this!

I really had held up high expectations about this debut album and I really got surprised even more positive when I listened to it! I was also surprised that there are a lot of album songs which are even better than the so far released singles in my opinion! Kisumai's singles were really cheerful until now and provided a log of energy. Of course after the earthquake disaster last year this was the right thing to do for idols to cheer up the people and to return hope to them and I think Kisumai did a really great job regarding to this. But I think fans are also asking for another, maybe the „old“ Kisumai which get's through in Songs like „Fire Beat“, „Hair“ or „3D Girl“ - which fit them the best – cool, a bit melancholic...

I think this album is really a masterpiece of music and fans will not be disappointed of it! I think the long year experience from their Junior's time as well as their effort and their patience really paid off! I'm really proud of the boys and glad that I bought the CD (and it finally arrived at my place after waiting for so long).

If you didn't get your copy yet you should definitely buy it right now! =D

Thanks for reading! Please share your opinion with me! ^^

Love, sky

Argh >.> I should study... tomorrow final exams first day... O______O I'm dead XD I can nothing in bookkeeping XD Damn... OK... NOW I start panicking... (Wisch me luck please T______T)
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Sky: HiroSuke2sky_fish7 on May 31st, 2012 03:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah I like reading reviews too =) I found someone who really analyses every single detail of various Arashi-songs, that's pretty interesting too! I'm not that detailed and I don't have that much knowledge about music and instruments and the technique behind that... but I try to catch the feeling of the song as well as a few details about melodies and instruments. Sometimes it's pretty tough though ^^"

Haha =D Yeah I like reading other journals too ^^

You're right! The debut album is just brilliant I think! Right at the moment it's my favourite album. I'm so looking forward to the tour (I ordered the DVD) and even the next album xD Haha
Shibarushibaru11 on May 31st, 2012 11:17 pm (UTC)
my knowledge of music is just until how good the song is depends on how i like it...but not in detail....

it's amazing as a debut album...those guys know what they want (as i believe they picked the songs on their own)...
solos are just perfect for their image....

hey, i ordered the DVD too, right after i listened to the recorded one....
Sky: 1stNikasky_fish7 on June 1st, 2012 05:17 pm (UTC)
Yei =D Aaaah the DVD must be great! XD I'm so curious!
Hm... I'm not sure if they pick their solos themselves.. I don't know how much idols can say their opinion and their wishes about the music they have to perform... but I think they like the songs =) And they really fit their image! Great!
Shibarushibaru11 on June 3rd, 2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
as far as i know for Johnny's boys, they gotta picked their own songs for the album...and kisumai had it mentioned in Coming Soon too...
so as the concerts where they have to do most of the decision themselves...
that's why Johnny's boys are quite reliable....
Sky: 1stTaipisky_fish7 on June 4th, 2012 11:33 am (UTC)
Really? =) Would be great so! ^^ Then they really did a good choice I think!
Shibarushibaru11 on June 4th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
it's true...
kisumai sure has a very good taste of songs...
and the solos too...
both taisuke and mitsu know what's best for them...and for the fans...